Karten im Scrapbook Stil gestalten mit KREUL Klebe Marker

Scrapbooking? Yes, but clean, stylish and to the point if you please


A wafer-thin motif on handmade paper, a cut-out photo, with lettering in relief on top: we love the creative technique that[...]

Bilder auf Holz übertragen mit KREUL Foto Transfer Potch

Five questions about KREUL Foto Transfer Potch


Found a motif that you like? You don’t always need to just copy it. You can use KREUL Foto Transfer Potch to transfer it to a[...]

Tablett mit Deko angemalt mit KREUL ACryl Glanzfarben Color Living

Bright prospects for stylish decoration


Everything grey in grey? Not anymore! These trendy shades can pep up your home! And you don’t need a full home makeover, just a[...]

Weisse Tasse wird mit KREUL Porzellanstift rot angemalt

Five questions about KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pens


Whether its your afternoon cup of tea or accompanying cream cake: Everything looks so much more stylish on tableware you have[...]

Kerze mit Serviettenmotiv und KREUL Candle Potch bekleben

Candles styled with decoupage: with KREUL Candle Potch


Want to give someone a gift of light? Simply heart-warming! And a must-have for celebrations like christenings, weddings,[...]

Rosa Farbaufstrich mit SOLO GOYA Farben

Colour of the month: Rose pink


Which colour can make us blush? Well, pink of course. The colour of romance continues to blossom long after Valentine’s Day is[...]

Farbton Magenta mit Pinsel von KREUL Farben

Colour of the Year: Magenta


What can really boost energy levels at the start of the year? A colour that vibrates with vim and vigour. That's why we are[...]

KREUL Kreidemarker in Weiß nachfüllen mit dem Refill Pen

Empty chalk marker? Just refill it!


Window decorations and blackboard designs with the KREUL Chalky Markers are simply stylish. And you can draw them really quickly.[...]

Bilderrahmen vergolden mit Blattmetall und Anlegemilch

Five questions about KREUL Primer for metal leaf


Elegantly shimmering sheen with the touch of luxury: gilding with metal leaf turns objects into chic designer pieces. But how do[...]

selbst bemalte Kerzen auf Teller - KREUL DIY Idee zum selber designen

Our must-have in autumn: Stylishly designed candles


A biting cold wind and grey drizzly weather – yes, please! When November gives us the cold shoulder, we're happy to stay indoors[...]

Keilrahmen mit Leinwand und primärblauem Anstrich

Colour of the month: Primary blue


In August, we yearn for a colour that lets us gaze into the faraway. The horizon on a bright and sunny day, far-off coastal[...]

Kunstwerk mit goldenem Blattmetall Aufstrich

Stylish and beautiful: Golden wall decoration with metal leaf


Fancy a touch of elegance in the living room? Then time for some eye-catching decoration with KREUL Leaf Metal. Light shimmering[...]

Blau Gläser mit KREUL Javana Seidenmalfarbe bemaltes Kissen im Hintergrund

Five Questions about KREUL Javana Silk Paint


Smooth, with a subtle shimmer, caressing the skin – there is hardly any other fabric that feels as elegant and precious as silk.[...]

Stoffserviette wird mit einem schwarzen Textil Stift beschriftet Orangen im Hintergrund

Bon Appetit: Stylish lettering on cloth napkins


In summer, we like to move our living room out onto the patio or balcony. Stylish textiles can make outdoor spaces homely in no[...]

Hand mit Postkarte auf die ein Fahrrad-Motiv mit Marker übertragen wird

Five questions about the KREUL Transfer Marker


Want an easy way to transfer stylish designs onto decorative items? You can do that wonderfully with the KREUL Transfer Marker![...]

KREUL Javana Stoffmalfarbe helle dunkle Stoffe Fragen Antworten Tutorial

Five questions about KREUL Javana fabric paint for light- and dark-coloured textiles


Whether you’re painting on t-shirts, sneakers or cushion covers: DIY designs on fabrics are both stylish and trendy. So it's great[...]

Upcycling Holzpalette Konsole rot Regal KREUL Acryl Glanz Farbe

Upcycling for a glammed-up new look


What’s this, all glammed up in passionate red and Bordeaux? It’s our DIY console! Finished in a flash as we are simply upcycling a[...]

Windspiel Natur Holz Treibholz DIY Tutorial KREUL Nature

A fresh breeze for your home: A DIY idea with driftwood


A gentle breeze that makes you yearn for summer? A breeze that can soon be whispering through our mobile, a DIY project we have[...]

Orange KREUL Farbe des Monats Mai

Colour of the month: Orange


Oh, and there's something else: this exhilarating, joyful and carefree feeling that the colours of summer give us. That is, one[...]

KREUL Nature DIY Farbe nachhaltig Fragen Antworten

Five questions about KREUL Nature


Being creative while doing your bit for the future? You can do just that with KREUL Nature. Our resource-saving DIY paint is[...]

KREUL Farbe des Monats Pink Acrylfarbe Künstler

Colour of the month: Pink


Think Pink! Pink can sweep away your worries for a short time, encouraging you to celebrate the moment. The exuberant colour is[...]

KREUL Pearl Pen Schmuckkästchen Schatulle verzieren DIY Dekor Perlen Stift

Classy decoration for the big day


When it's time to celebrate a special person, everything has to be perfect: lovingly decorated gift packaging, accessories on the[...]

KREUL Wohnen Textil färben Batik grün Kissen Wohnzimmer

Fresh spring look in Fresh Green


The sun’s rays are getting warmer. Here and there, we spy flashes of green. Spring wakens us with a kiss, and revitalizes us with[...]

KREUL Pluster Liner Pen

Five questions about the KREUL Puffy Paint & Outliner Pen


Decorative embellishments are always eye-catching, but with the KREUL Puffy Paint and Outliner Pen, you can make them spectacular.[...]

KREUL Javana Seidenmalfarbe Lila Violett Stoff

Stylish styles for fabrics


We can’t get enough of plain fabric bags! Why? Because they are a fantastic alternative to plastic bags and because they are so[...]