gebastelte Glückwunschkarte mit MUCKI Papierpfiffikus

Making your own greetings cards: wowing with water magic


Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, perhaps even Grandma’s birthday. Kids like expressing their appreciation and best wishes. Especially[...]

Tube mit KREUL Kinder Künstlerfarbe in Pink

Available soon – the first artists‘ paint for children


All the great master painters started out small. But kids today can already start big. That's child's play with the right paint,[...]

Kinderhände malen mit Stift einen Farbkreis

Here come our MUCKI Play Me Paintboxes


A 4th birthday coming up? That’s something to celebrate! And the best way to do that is with a gift burst with excitement, fun[...]

Kind bemalt Federmaeppchen mit KREUL Textil Marker

My pencil case – my style!


A children’s birthday just around the corner and it’s not that long until Easter either. But what would really wow smart and[...]

Kind hört Mal-Anleitung zum Bild Malen für Sternennacht

Paint what you hear – with the KREUL Master Forger Box Starry Night


You wouldn't say 200-year-old masterpieces were really trendy, would you? But of course they are! Certainly for smart kids. They[...]

The MUCKI finger paint family is growing!


Hello, hello! Our MUCKI finger paint family is getting bigger and bigger! From loud and proud colour shades to soft and gentle[...]

Keilrahmen mit Leinwand und primärblauem Anstrich

Colour of the month: Primary blue


In August, we yearn for a colour that lets us gaze into the faraway. The horizon on a bright and sunny day, far-off coastal[...]

Kinderhand malt mit Pinsel einen Heißluftballon bunt aus

Colour magic conjured with water: learning together through play


Splish-splash and hocus-pocus: When colour and water come together, magic happens. Unbelievable? No, true! The MUCKI Play Me[...]

grün angemaltes Krokodil aus einer Papprolle gebastelt

Jungle alarm: We’re making reptiles from cardboard rolls


Watch out, there are wild animals about! But you don’t have to be scared of our crocodile and snake made out of kitchen rolls. And[...]

KREUL Kinder Malblock

Colourful painting fun on KREUL Paper Kids Art


Mixing red over yellow, adding dots of blue glitter on top: When budding young artists play out their ideas with paint, they need[...]

KREUL Textil Marker Kinder Stift Stoff Rucksack bemalen

Making backpacks and t-shirts cool for summer


When the sun smiles down on us, kids like to get out and about. And, of course, they need to have their snacks, drinking bottle,[...]

MUCKI Farben Spiel Kiste Elch Tiere malen Fingerfarbe

Painting with our hands and fingers


Look, here comes an elk! Children from 4 years can create this all by themselves – with the MUCKI Play Me Paintbox We're painting[...]

KREUL Streety Straßenmalfarbe Fragen Tutorial FAQ

Five questions about KREUL Streety Sidewalk Paint


No school, and t-shirt weather outside? Then out you go with your paintbrush and paint! Time for some street art on the pavement[...]

Easter nests – painted in no time and ready to hide


Who gets most excited about Easter? Kids, of course! They really look forward to hunting for Easter eggs, So let’s help the Easter[...]

KREUL Malen Basteln Farbe Farbkasten selber machen

Leftover paint? Use it to make a cool paintbox!


Green – we can mix that really easily from yellow and blue. And pink? We can magic that from red and white in a flash. Wonderful[...]

KREUL Window Color Set XXL Kinder Erwachsene Kreative

A spring excursion: Creative fun for old and young


Grey and rainy weather, long and boring afternoons? What about some colourful window decoration? With the KREUL Window Color Set[...]

MUCKI Window Color häufige Fragen Anwenderfragen FAQ so gehts Tutorial

Five questions about MUCKI Window Color


Oh, how splendidly the window designs light up when the sun's rays shine through them. Children aged from 4 years are totally[...]

MUCKI Farben Kinder Basteln Geschenk Weihnachten Set

Colour fun for Christmas – gift ideas for all ages


It isn’t always easy to find the right gift for kids. Youngsters‘ rooms are stuffed full of all sorts of things, leaving[...]

KREUL Acryl Mattfarbe DIY Farbe Holz Kunststoff Terrakotta Papier Karton Glas

Five questions about KREUL Acrylic Matt paint


Wonderful how you can pep up your home with painted home accessories. Our allrounder for painting furniture or decorative items is[...]

MUCKI Fenstermalfarben Kinder Kindergarten Vorschule Geschenk Tipp Idee

Colourful window zoo for little DIY lovers


How wonderful when children create their own worlds and become completely absorbed in their play. In the eyes of many parents, a[...]

KREUL Bastel Tipp Herbst Kinder Blätter Farbe

Colour experiments with self-made natural brushes


Autumn is craft time - with materials that little explorers can find outside. Whether oval-shaped leaves, prickly pine needles or[...]

MUCKI Fingerfarbe Oekotest 2021 sehr gut

ÖKO-TEST 'very good' for the MUCKI Finger Paint and MUCKI Children's glue


Hurray for the MUCKI Finger Paint and the MUCKI Children's glue! We received top marks for both products. The MUCKI Finger Paint[...]

KREUL KInderfarbe Bastel Farbe Auto basteln Karton Pappe

I'll build my own dream car!


Is there a cardboard on the kitchen table? No, there's a car driving! It's still just a flash of inspiration, but with the MUCKI[...]

KREUL Farben Kinder ab 6 Jahre

Strong colours make your own ideas shine


Pink next to red, green and neon colours? Of course, it fits! Children from the age of 6 check out what's popular and like to[...]

MUCKI Porzellan Pirat Geschirr malen Kinder

MUCKI Porcelain Pirate: for colourful favourite tableware


Easy colouring fun for the holidays? A souvenir for children aged 4 and over? Give them the MUCKI Porcelain Pirate! The porcelain[...]