Fragen und Antworten zu MUCKI Bastelfarbe für Kinder

Five questions about MUCKI Craft Paint

02/13/2024 |

Easter, Mother’s Day, birthdays or Christmas: there's always an occasion for mini-DIYers to get creative. After all, they get better and better at crafting on their own. So it’s great that child-friendly paints are available for so many projects. MUCKI Craft Paint is child-friendly and can be washed out of textiles. Child’s play! But sometimes we do hear about uncertainties concerning its use. We are happy to clear these up and answer the five questions that we are most frequently asked about MUCKI Craft Paint here.



On which surfaces can you paint with MUCKI Craft Paint?

The children’s paint is liquid in consistency so it comes in a bottle and can be used for painting lots of craft projects. MUCKI Craft Paint is suitable for painting wood, MDF, card, cardboard or papier-mâché. Wonderful for homemade play figures or carnival masks. Paper and canvas frames are also suitable materials for painting. But surfaces made of plastic are less suitable as the dried paint can peel off. So it's best not to use this paint to decorate yoghurt or plant pots made of plastic.

Is MUCKI Craft Paint suitable for decorating items for display outdoors?

Yes, that’s possible. But so that painted rocks and decorated birdhouses can withstand rain, kids need the help of a grown-up. We recommend spraying the painted objects with KREUL Acrylic Satin Varnish. The protective spray fixes the painted motifs, making them weatherproof. Varnishes applied with a brush are not so suitable. These can cause the water-soluble paint to run. And it's much quicker to use our spray varnish anyway!

What do you do if the MUCKI Craft Paint has dried up?

That’s no problem. Kids can still use the MUCKI Craft Paint even when it has dried up. Just add some water and stir the paint again. This is super when too much leftover paint has been left on the palette. Resolubilized paint is no longer opaque, but transparent, so it looks like paint from a box of watercolours. That's why MUCKI Craft Paint is also suitable for making your own box of watercolours. We show you how step-by-step here

What do you have to do to remove any spots of MUCKI Craft Paint?

MUCKI Craft Paint can be washed out of almost all textiles. We recommend that you first leave any spots of paint on clothes, etc. to dry. Then put the clothes in the washing machine and wash them at 30 °C. You can remove stubborn stains with curd soap.

Have the kids forgotten to wash their paintbrushes after painting? That’s not a problem either The encrusted paint can be washed off paintbrushes with lukewarm water even days after they have been used. It’s super how easy MUCKI Craft Paint is to use. 


Is MUCKI Craft Paint microplastic-free?

Yes, it is. MUCKI Craft Paint does not contain any plastic. As the craft paint for children is microplastic-free, there's no reason why you can’t empty your painting water down the drain. And you can clean any stencils, sponges or paintbrushes that the kids have used under warm running water.