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Leftover paint? Use it to make a cool paintbox!

02/23/2022 |

Green – we can mix that really easily from yellow and blue. And pink? We can magic that from red and white in a flash. Wonderful how easy it is to mix MUCKI Craft Paint into new colour shades. Mixing is great paint fun that children aged from 4 years really enjoy. Mixing, painting and making craft projects, they can do all that on their own, without Mum. And leftover paint? Don’t throw that away! The little paint experts can use this to make their own watercolour paintbox. MUCKI Craft Paint is water-soluble. We can use this property to make something beautiful from the leftover colours.


MUCKI Craft Paint: Water-soluble and easy-wash-off paint

Our idea is perfect for using leftover paint for other projects and trying something new. When young artists paint and craft with MUCKI Craft Paint, some paint is often left on the palette. You can use this to make a paintbox. You already have the most important ingredient for this: MUCKI Craft Paint. The children’s paint is water-based and can be easily resolubilized, that is made liquid again, with water. This means that cleaning paint off colourful fingers is child’s play. And you can easily wash any splashes of paint out of most fabrics at 30°C. But being water-soluble means that the paints can also be used to make watercolour paints.

DIY paintbox made from MUCKI Craft Paint: Here's how

Fill the MUCKI Craft Paint into the empty cavities of a chocolate box tray. You can use this as a mixing palette, In one cavity, fill red paint, blue in the next, then yellow and white. Kids can use the empty cavities for mixing their own colour shades, e.g. light green from blue, yellow and white. This gives the kids lots of colours to paint craft projects made of wood, card or stone. After they have finished painting, there will no doubt be lots of paint left in the cavities. From these, you can make a paintbox! Leave the leftover paint to dry for two days in a warm place. The paints go solid and hard, and they decrease in volume as the water they contain evaporates. So fill the paint cavities at least half-full before you leave them to dry.

Just add water for new works of art

Use a little water and a paintbrush to resolubilize the paint. Dip a paintbrush in water and mix the water into the dried paint. The paints are then all ready for fantastic artwork on paper or cardboard. Unlike the intense, opaque MUCKI Craft Paint, the colours are in the new paintbox are delicate and transparent. What a magical transformation. And a creative idea for more painting fun!