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Are you looking for paint ideas and color inspiration? Would you like to find tutorials and how-to`s? Or do you want to inform yourself about current DIY-trends? Here you will find everything that makes the world of kids, crafters and artists even more colourful - the latest from Germany's first artists' paint factory.

Weisse Tasse wird mit KREUL Porzellanstift rot angemalt

Five questions about KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pens


Whether its your afternoon cup of tea or accompanying cream cake: Everything looks so much more stylish on tableware you have[...]

Kinderhände malen mit Stift einen Farbkreis

Here come our MUCKI Play Me Paintboxes


A 4th birthday coming up? That’s something to celebrate! And the best way to do that is with a gift burst with excitement, fun[...]

SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic Weiss und Mischweiss Acrylfarbflaschen

White or Mixing White: When to use which colour?


The colour white catches everyone’s eye, as the human eye is magically drawn to the light areas of a picture. The fact is that you[...]

Kerze mit Serviettenmotiv und KREUL Candle Potch bekleben

Candles styled with decoupage: with KREUL Candle Potch


Want to give someone a gift of light? Simply heart-warming! And a must-have for celebrations like christenings, weddings,[...]

Rosa Farbaufstrich mit SOLO GOYA Farben

Colour of the month: Rose pink


Which colour can make us blush? Well, pink of course. The colour of romance continues to blossom long after Valentine’s Day is[...]

KREUL Stand auf der Creative World 2023

Creativeworld 2023: Showcasing our sense of responsibility


Finally, paint ideas you get to actually touch again along with some inspiring shop talk. We can look back on four exciting trade[...]

KREUL Acrylfarben Set mit fröhlicher Farbkombination

Mixed Colors: Joyful colours for fashionable combinations


Yellowish green with rosé, or perhaps turquoise alongside genuine yellow? No matter – the main thing is that the colour[...]

Kind bemalt Federmaeppchen mit KREUL Textil Marker

My pencil case – my style!


A children’s birthday just around the corner and it’s not that long until Easter either. But what would really wow smart and[...]

SOLO GOYA Acrylic Flaschen mit neuer Kappe aus PCR Material

Containers made of recycled plastic: sustainable and practical


Can paint be environmentally friendly if it's filled in plastic containers? Sure it can! That is if it's filled in containers made[...]

Farbton Magenta mit Pinsel von KREUL Farben

Colour of the Year: Magenta


What can really boost energy levels at the start of the year? A colour that vibrates with vim and vigour. That's why we are[...]

KREUL Kreidemarker in Weiß nachfüllen mit dem Refill Pen

Empty chalk marker? Just refill it!


Window decorations and blackboard designs with the KREUL Chalky Markers are simply stylish. And you can draw them really quickly.[...]

Bilderrahmen vergolden mit Blattmetall und Anlegemilch

Five questions about KREUL Primer for metal leaf


Elegantly shimmering sheen with the touch of luxury: gilding with metal leaf turns objects into chic designer pieces. But how do[...]

Reducing and avoiding waste – just something we do at KREUL


Paints make life more colourful. But if we look at them a little less emotionally, paints are also consumer products. They come in[...]

Verschiedene Farbkleckse in Brauntönen

Colour of the Month: Brown


At the end of autumn, nature’s resplendent yellows and oranges begin to turn brown. But is that sad? We don’t think so because[...]

Anwendung Malen mit Acryltinte

Five questions about KREUL Triton Acrylic Ink


With paint that is versatile and encourages experiments, artists can broaden their skills. A fantastic opportunity for KREUL[...]

selbst bemalte Kerzen auf Teller - KREUL DIY Idee zum selber designen

Our must-have in autumn: Stylishly designed candles


A biting cold wind and grey drizzly weather – yes, please! When November gives us the cold shoulder, we're happy to stay indoors[...]

Geschenkidee zu Weihnachten für Kuenstler

Christmas gifts to surprise and delight artists


Oh, how wonderful to see the eyes of a creative individual light up when you present them with the ideal gift. Hobby artists have[...]

Kind hört Mal-Anleitung zum Bild Malen für Sternennacht

Paint what you hear – with the KREUL Master Forger Box Starry Night


You wouldn't say 200-year-old masterpieces were really trendy, would you? But of course they are! Certainly for smart kids. They[...]

Handlettering Gemälde mit Herbstlaub neben Aquarell Markern

Five questions about SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Markers


Versatile, high-intensity colour with a flexible brush tip: the SOLO GOYA Aqua Paint Marker is a favourite among artists and[...]

Our company is climate-neutral!


KREUL is Germany’s first manufacturer of artists' paints. We have been making paints since back in 1838. Paint is a chemical[...]

The MUCKI finger paint family is growing!


Hello, hello! Our MUCKI finger paint family is getting bigger and bigger! From loud and proud colour shades to soft and gentle[...]

abstrakt Malen lernen mit SOLO GOYA Triton

Abstract painting with artists’ acrylic paints: It’s so easy


A bright blue sky with ocean waves in radiant turquoise: We are inspired to paint impressions from our summer holidays onto[...]

Keilrahmen mit Leinwand und primärblauem Anstrich

Colour of the month: Primary blue


In August, we yearn for a colour that lets us gaze into the faraway. The horizon on a bright and sunny day, far-off coastal[...]

Baum Skizze in Skizzenbuch vor Landschaft mit Stift

Why sketching outdoors can build up our artistic skills


Summer, sun, spending time outdoors: you can capture the play of light between colours wonderfully by creating art while you are[...]

Kunstwerk mit goldenem Blattmetall Aufstrich

Stylish and beautiful: Golden wall decoration with metal leaf


Fancy a touch of elegance in the living room? Then time for some eye-catching decoration with KREUL Leaf Metal. Light shimmering[...]