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Are you looking for paint ideas and color inspiration? Would you like to find tutorials and how-to`s? Or do you want to inform yourself about current DIY-trends? Here you will find everything that makes the world of kids, crafters and artists even more colourful - the latest from Germany's first artists' paint factory.

Trendy fashion is now designed by yourself


Whether as colourful eye-catcher or interesting accent - self-made designs turn fabrics into fashion statements and trendy[...]

Colourful all-rounder: the KREUL Triton Acrylic Marker


Geometric shapes in deep blue, sweeping lines in delicate lilac and shimmering accents in gold: great works of art thrive on the[...]

More family-friendly into a colourful future


Looking after your children, checking on your parents, caring for a relative and still working? We think this should be a matter[...]

Colour of the month: sunshine yellow


Here a delicate bud, there a warm breeze - spring is leisurely stretching out its sensors. How wonderful when sun rays soon tickle[...]

Pure elegance in one set


When incident light meets metal leaf, a shimmer is created that radiates incomparable elegance. The KREUL Gilding with Leaf Metal[...]

Finely made for the special day


White roses, delicate tendrils: it's little things that put an occasion in a special light. With the KREUL Pluster & Liner Pen[...]

Colour of the month: beige


As the temperatures rise slowly, one nuance gently wakes us from hibernation. The colour beige peeks cautiously out from under the[...]

Sustainable, versatile and uncomplicated – this is how colour goes in 2021


What makes being creative so attractive? In any case, it's the constant play with colour. When the joy of experimentation awakens[...]

It is so easy to create your own masterpieces


Simply painting a picture yourself sounds like a challenge. With the KREUL el Greco Acrylic 12-piece Set, it is surprisingly quick[...]

Today we celebrate! DIY fun with the KREUL Effect Pens


Strong neon pink meets sunny yellow, glitter green meets silver metallic shimmer: the KREUL Happy Effects 6-piece Set creates a[...]

Simply magical how bright colours flow


Every child knows that they need pencils to draw and a paintbrush to paint. But clever kids know even better: with the MUCKI Paper[...]

Our sustainable gift: many colourful trees


This year everything will be better, right? At least on the KREUL company premises. We have planted trees in our car park. From[...]

Learn in a life-affirming way: Upcycling with the KREUL Art Potch


Admittedly, studying at home can be pretty dull. Then it's high time to make schoolwork more varied - with a workstation in[...]

Shaking, pumping, gilding


Reading your own name in gold letters - that is something very special. Gilded letters shimmer timelessly beautiful and spread a[...]

Artist portrait: Alex Blaschke – Longing for the sea in acrylic paint


Rough and yet gentle, sometimes as smooth as a glass, sometimes agitated: the sea has many sides. Alex Blaschke allows himself to[...]

Colour of the month: KREUL Nature Coral


Powerful and intensely luminous: the mixture of red and a touch of orange radiates joie de vivre. The colour tone is inspired by[...]

'Spiel gut' sign for the KREUL Streety Sidewalk Paint


Snow and ice are taking a short breather? Then quickly put on your hat and scarf and don't forget your brush. Today we're going to[...]

Oil paint for first masterpieces


Creamy texture and brilliant shades: oil painting is an experience for the senses. There is something vulnerable about pictures[...]

KREUL Nature Brush: simple and natural


First a brief dip, then a gentle glide over the surface, again and again: playing with the KREUL Nature paint is meditative and[...]

Après Ski and winter fun on mugs


Winter is here, with all its joy. When everything freezes outside and ice flowers decorate the windowpanes, we like to treat[...]

KREUL Christmas donation: we give a smile away


Dabbed red, varnished with green and decorated with glitter: when colours come into play, it quickly becomes like an elf workshop.[...]

Colour of the month: KREUL Nature Fir Needles


Protective and restful: the dark green of the forest gives a feeling of security. The colour is full of power and sharpens the[...]

Painted and imprinted – this is how gift-wrapping paper works


Look, a present for you! Now comes the time for loving attention. Little Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts are fully in their element. It[...]

Sustainably presented – with the KREUL Nature Display


Lavender, fir needles, pebbles: with the KREUL Nature, the beauty of nature is our inspiration. Not only splendid colours shimmer[...]

Impressive gouache art for beginners


Glowing red meets refreshing blue and is restrained by glistening white. In gouache painting, the strong colours dance. What looks[...]