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Are you looking for paint ideas and color inspiration? Would you like to find tutorials and how-to`s? Or do you want to inform yourself about current DIY-trends? Here you will find everything that makes the world of kids, crafters and artists even more colourful - the latest from Germany's first artists' paint factory.

KREUL Triton Acrylic Natural Pigments Marker Minimal Art

Natural colour shades for minimalist art


Summer is here! The days are getting longer, lighter and warmer, making us want carefree art that radiates light and harmony. What[...]

KREUL Kinder Malblock

Colourful painting fun on KREUL Paper Kids Art


Mixing red over yellow, adding dots of blue glitter on top: When budding young artists play out their ideas with paint, they need[...]

Windspiel Natur Holz Treibholz DIY Tutorial KREUL Nature

A fresh breeze for your home: A DIY idea with driftwood


A gentle breeze that makes you yearn for summer? A breeze that can soon be whispering through our mobile, a DIY project we have[...]

SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic Produktion

How is SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic made?


Whether for designs covering large areas or detailed compositions: SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic is our allrounder for acrylic[...]

Orange KREUL Farbe des Monats Mai

Colour of the month: Orange


Oh, and there's something else: this exhilarating, joyful and carefree feeling that the colours of summer give us. That is, one[...]

KREUL Textil Marker Kinder Stift Stoff Rucksack bemalen

Making backpacks and t-shirts cool for summer


When the sun smiles down on us, kids like to get out and about. And, of course, they need to have their snacks, drinking bottle,[...]

KREUL Nature DIY Farbe nachhaltig Fragen Antworten

Five questions about KREUL Nature


Being creative while doing your bit for the future? You can do just that with KREUL Nature. Our resource-saving DIY paint is[...]

KREUL Farben Spenden Ukraine

Colour for little moments of happiness: Our donations to refugees


Every day, news of shocking events reaches us from the war in Ukraine. Through the media, we have heard about people fleeing their[...]

KREUL Farbe des Monats Pink Acrylfarbe Künstler

Colour of the month: Pink


Think Pink! Pink can sweep away your worries for a short time, encouraging you to celebrate the moment. The exuberant colour is[...]

SOLO GOYA TRiton Acrylic System Farbe Marker Ink Grau Pink

Neutral grey to bring balance into bold-colour artwork


Spring is blooming in a blaze of brilliant colour and has inspired us to paint acrylic art in intense shades. Glorious how[...]

MUCKI Farben Spiel Kiste Elch Tiere malen Fingerfarbe

Painting with our hands and fingers


Look, here comes an elk! Children from 4 years can create this all by themselves – with the MUCKI Play Me Paintbox We're painting[...]

KREUL Pearl Pen Schmuckkästchen Schatulle verzieren DIY Dekor Perlen Stift

Classy decoration for the big day


When it's time to celebrate a special person, everything has to be perfect: lovingly decorated gift packaging, accessories on the[...]

KREUL Streety Straßenmalfarbe Fragen Tutorial FAQ

Five questions about KREUL Streety Sidewalk Paint


No school, and t-shirt weather outside? Then out you go with your paintbrush and paint! Time for some street art on the pavement[...]

Easter nests – painted in no time and ready to hide


Who gets most excited about Easter? Kids, of course! They really look forward to hunting for Easter eggs, So let’s help the Easter[...]

KREUL Farbe made in Germany hergestellt in Deutschland

Made in Germany: paints fair and safe from Germany


KREUL paints are a brand product from Germany. In Hallerndorf in Upper Franconia, they are developed, produced, filled into[...]

KREUL Triton Acrylic Ink Masking Marker Lettering Tutorial

Ink and Masking Marker - a dynamic duo


The spring sun is smiling, inspiring us to try out some colourful experiments and flourishing designs. As if by magic, colour[...]

KREUL Wohnen Textil färben Batik grün Kissen Wohnzimmer

Fresh spring look in Fresh Green


The sun’s rays are getting warmer. Here and there, we spy flashes of green. Spring wakens us with a kiss, and revitalizes us with[...]

KREUL Pluster Liner Pen

Five questions about the KREUL Puffy Paint & Outliner Pen


Decorative embellishments are always eye-catching, but with the KREUL Puffy Paint and Outliner Pen, you can make them spectacular.[...]

SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic Flieder

Colour of the month: Lilac


The Pantene Color Institute’s Colour of the Year Very Peri reminds us of the colour lilac. In nature, the plant of that name[...]

KREUL Malen Basteln Farbe Farbkasten selber machen

Leftover paint? Use it to make a cool paintbox!


Green – we can mix that really easily from yellow and blue. And pink? We can magic that from red and white in a flash. Wonderful[...]

KREUL Triton Acrylic Marker 6er Set Farben kreativ sein zeichnen

Art for every day? Intense colour markers for creative inspiration


Why we just love KREUL Triton Acrylic Markers. Because they transform plain everyday objects into works of art. On canvas, the[...]

KREUL Javana Seidenmalfarbe Lila Violett Stoff

Stylish styles for fabrics


We can’t get enough of plain fabric bags! Why? Because they are a fantastic alternative to plastic bags and because they are so[...]

KREUL Magic Marble Marmorier Farbe FAQ

Five questions about KREUL Magic Marble marbling paint


Eye-catching on festive occasions, but pretty cool for every day, too: marbled projects with KREUL Magic Marble marbling paint.[...]

KREUL Farbe des Jahres Lila Violett 2022

Color of the Year 2022: Very Peri


Fanciful, vibrant and dynamic: the Pantone Color Institute has chosen “Very Peri” as its Color of the Year 2022. The radiant[...]

KREUL Window Color Set XXL Kinder Erwachsene Kreative

A spring excursion: Creative fun for old and young


Grey and rainy weather, long and boring afternoons? What about some colourful window decoration? With the KREUL Window Color Set[...]