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Are you looking for paint ideas and color inspiration? Would you like to find tutorials and how-to`s? Or do you want to inform yourself about current DIY-trends? Here you will find everything that makes the world of kids, crafters and artists even more colourful - the latest from Germany's first artists' paint factory.

MUCKI Fingerfarbe Regenbogen

Colour of the month: rainbow


Yellow, red, green, blue, violet - each colour glows just wonderfully. But together they create something fantastic: a rainbow. It[...]

How is the MUCKI Finger Paint actually made?


Oh, how wonderful red feels and how magically dragon silver shimmers! Once little fingers are allowed to dip into colour, they[...]

KREUL textil Marker opak medium helle dunkle Stoffe Farbe Stift

This is how expressive your own design can be on textiles!


White on black or rather summery orange? It doesn't matter, the main thing is that the colours shine intensively on textiles. A[...]

KREUL Triton Acrylic Marker Refill nachhaltig Ink Nachfüll

Colourful acrylic art? Sustainable, of course!


Light blue surfaces, cherry contours or striking accents in black: we love it when brilliant acrylic colours make a work of art[...]

KREUL Vergolden Blattmetall Set Komplett DIY kreativ

Colour of the month: gold


Gold is always the way to go, isn't it? The queen of colours shines with an incomparable shimmer. A touch of it on simple[...]

KREUL Textil Marker kreativ Stoff malen Stift

Easily to your own style: the KREUL Textile Marker


What do we need now? A chic, new look in bright, cheerful colours! This not only puts us in a summer mood all year round, but also[...]

KREUL Streety Strassenmalfarbe gruen grassgruen

Colour of the month: blade of grass green


Finally, it's getting warmer again and playing outside is fun! There, the meadows attract with lush green. A colour that shows[...]

KREUL nachhaltig VE Beutel PCR Material

More sustainable behind the scenes as well


At KREUL, a lot revolves around the topic of sustainability. Our goal is to make a valuable contribution to the future. This is[...]

KREUL Fingerfarbe Kinder grosses Set Wildchild

Now it's getting cheerful and wild


White dandelions, puddles shimmering in silver or bright yellow butterflies: what little explorers find exciting is usually[...]

KREUL Ueberzugslack vergolden Schutz Lack

Golden shine well protected


Surfaces refined with gold and silver radiate a timeless beauty. When simple objects become small gems with the KREUL Leaf Metal,[...]

KREUL Nature Set Farben nachhaltig DIY

KREUL Nature Set: making a contribution in a creative way


Nature lives from colours. Refreshing as eucalyptus, profound like the blue of the ocean, invigorating like the red of a coral[...]

KREUL Textil Marker Kinder Kids Junior ab 6 Jahren

Cool textile styles without shaking and pumping


What's the favourite colour of the clever kids? Colourful, of course! It has to go on their favourite shirt, gym bag or pencil[...]

KREUL Triton Acrylic Ink Kunst experientieren abstrakt Acrylmalerei

KREUL Triton Acrylic Ink: colourful flow


Drip, drop, let it flow: when liquid colour makes its way, unique works of art are created. Here, not only does fiery red flow[...]

KREUL Textil Marker Stoff Mal Stift Glitter deckend medium brush refill

Trendy fashion is now designed by yourself


Whether as colourful eye-catcher or interesting accent - self-made designs turn fabrics into fashion statements and trendy[...]

KREUL Triton Acrylic Marker

Colourful all-rounder: the KREUL Triton Acrylic Marker


Geometric shapes in deep blue, sweeping lines in delicate lilac and shimmering accents in gold: great works of art thrive on the[...]

KREUL Familienpakt Bayern

More family-friendly into a colourful future


Looking after your children, checking on your parents, caring for a relative and still working? We think this should be a matter[...]

KREUL Farbe Frühling Gelb Monat anmalen DIY Deko Sonnengelb

Colour of the month: sunshine yellow


Here a delicate bud, there a warm breeze - spring is leisurely stretching out its sensors. How wonderful when sun rays soon tickle[...]

KREUL Vergolden mit Blattmetall Golden Elegance Set

Pure elegance in one set


When incident light meets metal leaf, a shimmer is created that radiates incomparable elegance. The KREUL Gilding with Leaf Metal[...]

KREUL Pluster Liner Set chalky Deko Hochzeit Taufe Kommunion Konfirmation Geburtstag

Finely made for the special day


White roses, delicate tendrils: it's little things that put an occasion in a special light. With the KREUL Pluster & Liner Pen[...]

KREUL Farbe des Monats Beige Hellbraun chalky

Colour of the month: beige


As the temperatures rise slowly, one nuance gently wakes us from hibernation. The colour beige peeks cautiously out from under the[...]

KREUL Triton System Farbe Marker Ink Acrylic

Sustainable, versatile and uncomplicated – this is how colour goes in 2021


What makes being creative so attractive? In any case, it's the constant play with colour. When the joy of experimentation awakens[...]

KREUL el Greco Acrylic Set Einstieg Acrylmalen

It is so easy to create your own masterpieces


Simply painting a picture yourself sounds like a challenge. With the KREUL el Greco Acrylic 12-piece Set, it is surprisingly quick[...]

KREUL Pen Happy Effects 6er Set Verzieren Geschenk

Today we celebrate! DIY fun with the KREUL Effect Pens


Strong neon pink meets sunny yellow, glitter green meets silver metallic shimmer: the KREUL Happy Effects 6-piece Set creates a[...]

MUCKI Papier Pfiffikus Kinderstift Malen Aquarell

Simply magical how bright colours flow


Every child knows that they need pencils to draw and a paintbrush to paint. But clever kids know even better: with the MUCKI Paper[...]

KREUL Baeume pflanzen Kunden Geschenk

Our sustainable gift: many colourful trees


This year everything will be better, right? At least on the KREUL company premises. We have planted trees in our car park. From[...]