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Are you looking for paint ideas and color inspiration? Would you like to find tutorials and how-to`s? Or do you want to inform yourself about current DIY-trends? Here you will find everything that makes the world of kids, crafters and artists even more colourful - the latest from Germany's first artists' paint factory.

KREUL Farbe Künstler Kreative Lila Violett

Colour of the month: purple


As the days get shorter and the nights longer, we are magically drawn to mystical hues. Like the shade purple - our colour of the[...]

KREUL Refill System nachhaltig

Refill instead of buying new: marked with the refill icon


We focus on quality. KREUL products are designed so robustly that they can take on many creative ideas. Until now, the content[...]

KREUL Kuenstler Acrylfarben Farbwissen FAQ Farbe

KREUL Colour Knowledge: what are the special features of artists' acrylic paints?


Acrylic paints are indispensable in contemporary art. They are easy to handle, waterproof and colourful. Whether the SOLO GOYA[...]

KREUL Bastel Tipp Herbst Kinder Blätter Farbe

Colour experiments with self-made natural brushes


Autumn is craft time - with materials that little explorers can find outside. Whether oval-shaped leaves, prickly pine needles or[...]

KREUL Dekorieren Farben Basteln Herbst DIY Kürbis Halloween anmalen Decor Idee

Stylishly decorated: Halloween decorations can be this effective


Harmonious curves, pointed shapes, unique patterns - nature shows how wonderful design can be with decorated pumpkins and tree[...]

KREUL Schmucksteinkleber Fragen Anwendung richtig kleben FAQ Steine verzieren Stoff Textilien aufkleben

Five questions to the KREUL Gemstone Glue


Sparkling gemstones turn decorations and accessories into little treasures. With the KREUL Gemstone Glue, the chic decorations[...]

SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic Maisgelb

Colour of the month: maize yellow


Just in time for October, the days are getting shorter. In the early morning hours, we are now greeted by a pale light that turns[...]

MUCKI Fingerfarbe Oekotest 2021 sehr gut

ÖKO-TEST 'very good' for the MUCKI Finger Paint and MUCKI Children's glue


Hurray for the MUCKI Finger Paint and the MUCKI Children's glue! We received top marks for both products. The MUCKI Finger Paint[...]

KREUL Triton Acrylic System Farbe Ink Marker Künstler Acrylfarben

Sprayed, mixed, drawn: action art in large format


Expressive masterpieces have one thing in common - feelings and spontaneity flow into their pictorial design. With the courage to[...]

KREUL KInderfarbe Bastel Farbe Auto basteln Karton Pappe

I'll build my own dream car!


Is there a cardboard on the kitchen table? No, there's a car driving! It's still just a flash of inspiration, but with the MUCKI[...]

KREUL Acryl Mattlack Kunstharz Basis

Five questions to the synthetic resin-based KREUL protective lacquers


Decorations can be protected from moisture and dirt. This is where the KREUL synthetic resin-based protective lacquers come in.[...]

KREUL Flüssig Bronze Metall Pigment Lack DIY

The KREUL Liquid bronze for a noble ambience


Want to bring a little glamour and shine into your home? With the KREUL Liquid Bronze, this works almost by itself. The technique[...]

KREUL Glass & Porcelain Navy Blue

Colour of the month: Navy Blue


Let the thoughts of everyday life be blown away and fill up with new inspiration - that works by itself at the seaside. Maybe it's[...]

KREUL Triton Acrylic SOLO GOYA Olivgrün hell

Colour of the month: olive green light


Summer is coming to an end, much too quickly to our mind. It's time to prolong the relaxed feeling of life a little longer. This[...]

KREUL Fixiermittel Batik Textilfarbe KREUL Färben Stoff fixieren behandeln waschbeständig Design Muster haltbar KREUL

Five questions to the KREUL Fixative for batik textiles paint


After dyeing or doing batik textiles, we recommend treating them with the KREUL Fixative for batik textile paints. Why this is so[...]

KREUL Wachsbatik Batik Farbe blau Indigo Tücher Hippie Sommer Style Fashion selber machen

Simply sophisticated: summer feeling with batik design


Summertime is batik time. When freshly dyed textiles flutter on the clothesline, a touch of hippie romance wafts through the[...]

KREUL Farben Kinder ab 6 Jahre

Strong colours make your own ideas shine


Pink next to red, green and neon colours? Of course, it fits! Children from the age of 6 check out what's popular and like to[...]

KREUL Triton Acrylic System Ink Farbe Marker

On to new horizons: the KREUL Triton Acrylic System


It's time to try something new artistically! With paints that are made for many techniques. A perfect job for the KREUL Triton[...]

KREUL Triton Acrylic Natural Pigments Marker Ink

Natural Pigments: an alternative of natural origin


It's wonderful how nature plays with colours and always seduces us into new ideas. Why not use this unique intensity of natural[...]

KREUL Farbe des Monats Ice Mint

Colour of the month: Ice Mint


Summer is here! And with it comes the desire for sun, beach and carefree fun. But what if grey clouds and rain showers dampen the[...]

Farbpigmente werden in einem Mörser gerieben

The little plant stands for a sustainable recipe


Colours and sustainability, does that go together? We'll make it possible. By turning various screws to find more environmentally[...]

MUCKI Porzellan Pirat Geschirr malen Kinder

MUCKI Porcelain Pirate: for colourful favourite tableware


Easy colouring fun for the holidays? A souvenir for children aged 4 and over? Give them the MUCKI Porcelain Pirate! The porcelain[...]

KREUL Textil Marker Glitter Stoff Stift spezial

More glamour on textiles: the KREUL Textile Marker Glitter


Spot on! We let colours celebrate a party! With an extra portion of glitter, self-designed accessories and fashion sparkle. How do[...]

KREUL Ausbildung Azubi

My first year as a KREUL trainee


You've just finished school and then what? Well, do an apprenticeship! Our trainee Katharina A. has been part of the KREUL family[...]

MUCKI Fingerfarbe auswaschbar Kleidung Flecken entfernen

Colour stains on textiles? Let them dry first!


Dabbing, painting and smudging with the MUCKI children's paints - little artists are in their element. The fingers quickly whiz[...]