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Are you looking for paint ideas and color inspiration? Would you like to find tutorials and how-to`s? Or do you want to inform yourself about current DIY-trends? Here you will find everything that makes the world of kids, crafters and artists even more colourful - the latest from Germany's first artists' paint factory.

Farbe des Monats Petrol

Colour of the month: Petrol


What would the start of summer be without Petrol blue? No other colour reminds us so much of the South Seas, but also looks so[...]

Tassen abstrakt bemalen mit KREUL Glass & Porcelain Farben

Splashes of summer: good-mood colours for cups


Warm Orange, fiery Carmine Red: the summer is going to be hot and needs some cooling down in Cobalt Blue or fresh May Green! A[...]

Unterschiede bei Blautönen von SOLO GOYA Acrylic und Triton

Finding the right shade: this is how our blues differ


Blue sky, blue sea. In summer, we are particularly inspired by shades of blue. And sure, we like using different blue hues in our[...]

MUCKI Stoff Fingerfarbe 6er Set für Kinder ab 2 Jahren

Six new colours for the youngest textile designers


Hands dipped in green and blue – then pressed onto cloth bags, sweatshirts and cushions. Now the paint is spread and stamped with[...]

Batik Färben mit KREUL Textilfarben

Five questions about KREUL Batik Textile Dye


T-shirts in hippie look or one-of-a-kind fabrics in shibori style: with batik textiles, you get instant summer vibes. The batik[...]

Rote Farbaufstriche mit SOLO GOYA Acrylic

Colour of the month: Red


May is the month when traditionally lots of weddings take place. In this month, love is in air. And what colour do we associate[...]

gebastelte Glückwunschkarte mit MUCKI Papierpfiffikus

Making your own greetings cards: wowing with water magic


Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, perhaps even Grandma’s birthday. Kids like expressing their appreciation and best wishes. Especially[...]

Karten im Scrapbook Stil gestalten mit KREUL Klebe Marker

Scrapbooking? Yes, but clean, stylish and to the point if you please


A wafer-thin motif on handmade paper, a cut-out photo, with lettering in relief on top: we love the creative technique that[...]

Viele bunte Farbtuben von SOLO GOYA Acrylic

The right colour always at hand


When you start learning something new, then you start off slowly. Just the basics. But we really want to start right in the[...]

KREUL Acrylfarbenset mit aufgedruckten Icons

These icons provide information on safety


It’s fun being creative if you can depend on the products you use. But how can DIY enthusiasts and crafters judge that before they[...]

Bilder auf Holz übertragen mit KREUL Foto Transfer Potch

Five questions about KREUL Foto Transfer Potch


Found a motif that you like? You don’t always need to just copy it. You can use KREUL Foto Transfer Potch to transfer it to a[...]

Collage mit KREUL Art Potch

Easy collage – abstract art with scissors and glue


Ever glued art? What may look something like an afternoon craft session is actually a creative technique in acrylic painting:[...]

Tube mit KREUL Kinder Künstlerfarbe in Pink

Available soon – artists‘ paint for children


All the great master painters started out small. But kids today can already start big. That's child's play with the right paint,[...]

KREUL Kundenmagazin Schwarz auf Weiss

Black on White: Our magazine for KREUL customers


Finding out about products, contacting us – sure, you can do all that online. But with every new digital step we take, we still[...]

KREUL Nature Bienenwabe wird mit dem Stempel aufgetragen

Colour of the month: Yellow


When dashes of yellow suddenly appear everywhere at the beginning of spring, a smile spreads over our face. The lightest colour in[...]

Tablett mit Deko angemalt mit KREUL ACryl Glanzfarben Color Living

Bright prospects for stylish decoration


Everything grey in grey? Not anymore! These trendy shades can pep up your home! And you don’t need a full home makeover, just a[...]

KREUL Pinselreiniger Gläschen und Pinsel beim Reinigen

Five questions about KREUL Brush Cleaner


If you look after your paintbrushes, they’ll last longer. But brush soap and water sometimes aren’t enough to get paint and[...]

KREUL Nature Set Verpackung mit Nachhaltigkeits Symbolen

How we label our sustainable products


We are investing in the future. With products that are more sustainable than ever before. Dependable brand quality isn’t enough[...]

Weisse Tasse wird mit KREUL Porzellanstift rot angemalt

Five questions about KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pens


Whether its your afternoon cup of tea or accompanying cream cake: Everything looks so much more stylish on tableware you have[...]

Kinderhände malen mit Stift einen Farbkreis

Here come our MUCKI Play Me Paintboxes


A 4th birthday coming up? That’s something to celebrate! And the best way to do that is with a gift burst with excitement, fun[...]

SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic Weiss und Mischweiss Acrylfarbflaschen

White or Mixing White: When to use which colour?


The colour white catches everyone’s eye, as the human eye is magically drawn to the light areas of a picture. The fact is that you[...]

Kerze mit Serviettenmotiv und KREUL Candle Potch bekleben

Candles styled with decoupage: with KREUL Candle Potch


Want to give someone a gift of light? Simply heart-warming! And a must-have for celebrations like christenings, weddings,[...]

Rosa Farbaufstrich mit SOLO GOYA Farben

Colour of the month: Rose pink


Which colour can make us blush? Well, pink of course. The colour of romance continues to blossom long after Valentine’s Day is[...]

KREUL Stand auf der Creative World 2023

Creativeworld 2023: Showcasing our sense of responsibility


Finally, paint ideas you get to actually touch again along with some inspiring shop talk. We can look back on four exciting trade[...]

KREUL Acrylfarben Set mit fröhlicher Farbkombination

Mixed Colors: Joyful colours for fashionable combinations


Yellowish green with rosé, or perhaps turquoise alongside genuine yellow? No matter – the main thing is that the colour[...]