Deko und Kunstwerke mit KREUL Farbsprays Acrylfarbe

Five questions about KREUL Paint Sprays


Simply spraying paint onto décor items or furniture – evenly and without any visible brushstrokes. That works with KREUL Paint[...]

Erinnerungsbox im Watercolor-Style mit KREUL Holzlasur

DIY inspiration: wooden box in watercolour style


Fantastic how things are blossoming and blooming everywhere right now. We’re taking inspiration from spring flowers and decorating[...]

Upcycling Idee für Pflanzen mit KREUL Magic Marble

Marbled mugs – magical plant deco


Marbling just for Easter? That would be a pity. After all, the unique swirling patterns look simply magical in spring, too. So[...]

KREUL Candle Pen Set für Taufkerzen und Babykerzen

Welcome Baby – a flicker of joy lighting up the world


The birth of a baby or their Christening is a wonderful event. What about a lovingly decorated candle gift for the new parents? So[...]

Five questions about KREUL Chalky Markers


You can design spring windows with the KREUL Chalky Markers in hardly any time at all. Fantastic for floral designs or lettering[...]

KREUL Farbe des Monats Cyan

Colour of the Month: Cyan


The month of February comes with lots of rain, lots of water and lots of blue – like the colour Cyan. Winter is still making its[...]

KREUL Bastelkleber und KREUL Sprühkleber als Basics für DIY Projekte

Glue classics in new look


What is one of the absolute essentials for crafting? That’s right! A glue that holds everything together. Like KREUL Handicraft[...]

Design Ideen für Tassen Bemalen mit KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pens

Heartfelt creations: Decorating with the KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pen Sets


Looking for a takealong gift for a loved one? DIY painted cups, bowls and glasses are a top tip! And these are so easy to do with[...]

Varianten des KREUL Triton Acrylic Marker

Five questions about the KREUL Triton Acrylic Marker


Originally developed for graffiti art, but now a must-have for acrylic painting. The KREUL Triton Acrylic Marker is a favourite[...]

Farbe des Jahres Pfirsichrosa bei KREUL

Colour of the Year: Peach


The Pantone Color Institute has chosen Peach Fuzz 13-1023 as its Colour of the Year for 2024. Hooray! What a wonderful summery[...]

Dip Dye Kerzen mit dem KREUL Candle Pen

Quick-to-make gift – sponged candles in dip-dye look


Oh dear, Christmas is almost here again. And your favourite people deserve a token of your appreciation. How about some[...]

Weiße Acrylfarbe von KREUL mit Pinsel

Colour of the Month: White


This year, December started off in white. Will that herald a white Christmas? Who knows! This lightest colour immediately puts us[...]

Geschenkboxen aus Holz mit KREUL Holzlasur angemalt

Five questions about Kreul Wood Stain


Stylishly painted wooden boxes are a wonderful alternative to gift-wrapping paper. We like to use KREUL Wood Stain to decorate[...]

Pinselaufstrich mit KREUL Acyrlfarbe in Violett

Colour of the month: Violet


In the cooler months, we crave deep, muted colours – like violet. The colour appears elegant and eccentric all at the same time.[...]

Schreiben und Malen mit SOLO GOYA Masking Marker Rubbelkrepp Stift

Five questions about SOLO GOYA Masking Marker


Crisp, white lines surrounded by colour: this technique in watercolour style gives you a simply enchanting look. You can get this[...]

Windlicht mit Trockenblumen beklebt mit KREUL Bastelkleber Nature

Cosy tabletop lanterns – sustainably glued with nature-inspired decoration


Brightly coloured leaves, filigree twigs, here and there a few meadow blooms: Wonderful what you can pick up on an autumn walk:[...]

KREUL Farbenkombination Blau und Orange

Colour of the month: Dark Blue


It's October and the autumn leaves dazzle in shades of orange, inspiring us to create art in intense colours. Time for a strong[...]

KREUL Nature Deko Bild Kunst im DIY Boho Style

Hibiscus flower kisses loam: our Boho art with KREUL Nature


Autumn has arrived! Cooler temperatures and brightly coloured leaves have inspired us to create art in cool and warm colours. In[...]

KREUL Beige und Sandtöne

Colour of the month: Sand colours


Once a year and it's off to the beach. For many creatives, that's not only an opportunity to wind down, but also a source of[...]

Kunstwerke mit SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic fluoreszierenden Farben

Let those colours glow!


Fancy a bit of magic with a real wow effect? We light up the stars in a dark children’s bedroom. Flashlight on, lights off – and[...]

Selbst designte Kissenhüllen mit KREUL Javana Stoffmalfarben Set Color Living

Color Living on fabric – holiday looks for cushions & Co.


What are the colours of summer? Colours that make us think about raspberry ice-cream, sunflowers and bright blue skies. They[...]

Tuch bemalen mit KREUL Textil Marker

Five questions about the KREUL Textile Marker


Cool T-shirts, one-of-a-kind bags – with the KREUL Textile Marker, individual fabric design is soooo easy, but still looks very[...]

KREUL Chalky Kreidefarbe Ice Mint für Holz Deko

Colour of the month: Mint


Fancy something refreshing? Then we recommend mint. Not chewing gum or toothpaste, but the colour! The light pastel colour[...]

Holzschild anmalen beschriften mit KREUL Farben Markern

We're in the garden - our make-it-in-no-time DIY idea


What’s our favourite place in summer? In the garden, of course! Under shady trees, beside the hibiscus bush with a view of the[...]

KREUL Pens für Papier Textilien

Handy and effective: that's our pens


Beads, dots, lines, writing – for 3D decorations, KREUL pens are unbeatable. And they can do even more. The paint from the handy[...]