selbst bemalte Kerzen auf Teller - KREUL DIY Idee zum selber designen

Our must-have in autumn: Stylishly designed candles


A biting cold wind and grey drizzly weather – yes, please! When November gives us the cold shoulder, we're happy to stay indoors[...]

Keilrahmen mit Leinwand und primärblauem Anstrich

Colour of the month: Primary blue


In August, we yearn for a colour that lets us gaze into the faraway. The horizon on a bright and sunny day, far-off coastal[...]

Kunstwerk mit goldenem Blattmetall Aufstrich

Stylish and beautiful: Golden wall decoration with metal leaf


Fancy a touch of elegance in the living room? Then time for some eye-catching decoration with KREUL Leaf Metal. Light shimmering[...]

Blau Gläser mit KREUL Javana Seidenmalfarbe bemaltes Kissen im Hintergrund

Five Questions about KREUL Javana Silk Paint


Smooth, with a subtle shimmer, caressing the skin – there is hardly any other fabric that feels as elegant and precious as silk.[...]

Stoffserviette wird mit einem schwarzen Textil Stift beschriftet Orangen im Hintergrund

Bon Appetit: Stylish lettering on cloth napkins


In summer, we like to move our living room out onto the patio or balcony. Stylish textiles can make outdoor spaces homely in no[...]

Hand mit Postkarte auf die ein Fahrrad-Motiv mit Marker übertragen wird

Five questions about the KREUL Transfer Marker


Want an easy way to transfer stylish designs onto decorative items? You can do that wonderfully with the KREUL Transfer Marker![...]

KREUL Javana Stoffmalfarbe helle dunkle Stoffe Fragen Antworten Tutorial

Five questions about KREUL Javana fabric paint for light- and dark-coloured textiles


Whether you’re painting on t-shirts, sneakers or cushion covers: DIY designs on fabrics are both stylish and trendy. So it's great[...]

Upcycling Holzpalette Konsole rot Regal KREUL Acryl Glanz Farbe

Upcycling for a glammed-up new look


What’s this, all glammed up in passionate red and Bordeaux? It’s our DIY console! Finished in a flash as we are simply upcycling a[...]

Windspiel Natur Holz Treibholz DIY Tutorial KREUL Nature

A fresh breeze for your home: A DIY idea with driftwood


A gentle breeze that makes you yearn for summer? A breeze that can soon be whispering through our mobile, a DIY project we have[...]

KREUL Nature DIY Farbe nachhaltig Fragen Antworten

Five questions about KREUL Nature


Being creative while doing your bit for the future? You can do just that with KREUL Nature. Our resource-saving DIY paint is[...]

KREUL Pearl Pen Schmuckkästchen Schatulle verzieren DIY Dekor Perlen Stift

Classy decoration for the big day


When it's time to celebrate a special person, everything has to be perfect: lovingly decorated gift packaging, accessories on the[...]

KREUL Javana Seidenmalfarbe Lila Violett Stoff

Stylish styles for fabrics


We can’t get enough of plain fabric bags! Why? Because they are a fantastic alternative to plastic bags and because they are so[...]

KREUL DIY Kreative Auszeit malen blau

Some creative time out – relaxed and uncomplicated


Even though we promise ourselves every year to get everything done in good time, at some point we are overwhelmed by the hectic[...]

KREUL Acryl Mattfarbe Grün Weihnachten Deko

Colour of the month: Green


True, a white Christmas would be a highlight in December. But, originally, the traditional Christmas colour wasn't white but[...]

KREUL Nature DIY Weihnachten Tannenzapfen

Anticipation of the festive season with finely made pinecones


Winter is coming and welcomes us with a fairy-tale landscape of hoarfrost and wafts of mist. It's wonderful to enjoy the change of[...]

KREUL Dekorieren Farben Basteln Herbst DIY Kürbis Halloween anmalen Decor Idee

Stylishly decorated: Halloween decorations can be this effective


Harmonious curves, pointed shapes, unique patterns - nature shows how wonderful design can be with decorated pumpkins and tree[...]

KREUL Schmucksteinkleber Fragen Anwendung richtig kleben FAQ Steine verzieren Stoff Textilien aufkleben

Five questions to the KREUL Gemstone Glue


Sparkling gemstones turn decorations and accessories into little treasures. With the KREUL Gemstone Glue, the chic decorations[...]

KREUL Acryl Mattlack Kunstharz Basis

Five questions to the synthetic resin-based KREUL protective lacquers


Decorations can be protected from moisture and dirt. This is where the KREUL synthetic resin-based protective lacquers come in.[...]

KREUL Flüssig Bronze Metall Pigment Lack DIY

The KREUL Liquid bronze for a noble ambience


Want to bring a little glamour and shine into your home? With the KREUL Liquid Bronze, this works almost by itself. The technique[...]

KREUL Fixiermittel Batik Textilfarbe KREUL Färben Stoff fixieren behandeln waschbeständig Design Muster haltbar KREUL

Five questions to the KREUL Fixative for batik textiles paint


After dyeing or doing batik textiles, we recommend treating them with the KREUL Fixative for batik textile paints. Why this is so[...]

KREUL Wachsbatik Batik Farbe blau Indigo Tücher Hippie Sommer Style Fashion selber machen

Simply sophisticated: summer feeling with batik design


Summertime is batik time. When freshly dyed textiles flutter on the clothesline, a touch of hippie romance wafts through the[...]

KREUL Textil Marker Glitter Stoff Stift spezial

More glamour on textiles: the KREUL Textile Marker Glitter


Spot on! We let colours celebrate a party! With an extra portion of glitter, self-designed accessories and fashion sparkle. How do[...]

KREUL textil Marker opak medium helle dunkle Stoffe Farbe Stift

This is how expressive your own design can be on textiles!


White on black or rather summery orange? It doesn't matter, the main thing is that the colours shine intensively on textiles. A[...]

KREUL Textil Marker kreativ Stoff malen Stift

Easily to your own style: the KREUL Textile Marker


What do we need now? A chic, new look in bright, cheerful colours! This not only puts us in a summer mood all year round, but also[...]

KREUL Ueberzugslack vergolden Schutz Lack

Golden shine well protected


Surfaces refined with gold and silver radiate a timeless beauty. When simple objects become small gems with the KREUL Leaf Metal,[...]