KREUL Farbe des Monats Cyan

Colour of the Month: Cyan


The month of February comes with lots of rain, lots of water and lots of blue – like the colour Cyan. Winter is still making its[...]

Farbe des Jahres Pfirsichrosa bei KREUL

Colour of the Year: Peach


The Pantone Color Institute has chosen Peach Fuzz 13-1023 as its Colour of the Year for 2024. Hooray! What a wonderful summery[...]

Weiße Acrylfarbe von KREUL mit Pinsel

Colour of the Month: White


This year, December started off in white. Will that herald a white Christmas? Who knows! This lightest colour immediately puts us[...]

Pinselaufstrich mit KREUL Acyrlfarbe in Violett

Colour of the month: Violet


In the cooler months, we crave deep, muted colours – like violet. The colour appears elegant and eccentric all at the same time.[...]

KREUL Farbenkombination Blau und Orange

Colour of the month: Dark Blue


It's October and the autumn leaves dazzle in shades of orange, inspiring us to create art in intense colours. Time for a strong[...]

KREUL Beige und Sandtöne

Colour of the month: Sand colours


Once a year and it's off to the beach. For many creatives, that's not only an opportunity to wind down, but also a source of[...]

KREUL Chalky Kreidefarbe Ice Mint für Holz Deko

Colour of the month: Mint


Fancy something refreshing? Then we recommend mint. Not chewing gum or toothpaste, but the colour! The light pastel colour[...]

Rosa Farbaufstrich mit SOLO GOYA Farben

Colour of the month: Rose pink


Which colour can make us blush? Well, pink of course. The colour of romance continues to blossom long after Valentine’s Day is[...]

Farbton Magenta mit Pinsel von KREUL Farben

Colour of the Year: Magenta


What can really boost energy levels at the start of the year? A colour that vibrates with vim and vigour. That's why we are[...]

Keilrahmen mit Leinwand und primärblauem Anstrich

Colour of the month: Primary blue


In August, we yearn for a colour that lets us gaze into the faraway. The horizon on a bright and sunny day, far-off coastal[...]

Orange KREUL Farbe des Monats Mai

Colour of the month: Orange


Oh, and there's something else: this exhilarating, joyful and carefree feeling that the colours of summer give us. That is, one[...]

KREUL Farbe des Monats Pink Acrylfarbe Künstler

Colour of the month: Pink


Think Pink! Pink can sweep away your worries for a short time, encouraging you to celebrate the moment. The exuberant colour is[...]

KREUL Farbe des Jahres Lila Violett 2022

Color of the Year 2022: Very Peri


Fanciful, vibrant and dynamic: the Pantone Color Institute has chosen “Very Peri” as its Color of the Year 2022. The radiant[...]

KREUL Magic Marble Hellblau Farbe des Monats Januar

Colour of the month: Light blue


What can give us an instant boost? A clear blue sky, of course. We associate blue with wide expanses, the sea and holidays. It is[...]

KREUL Acryl Mattfarbe Grün Weihnachten Deko

Colour of the month: Green


True, a white Christmas would be a highlight in December. But, originally, the traditional Christmas colour wasn't white but[...]

KREUL Glass & Porcelain Navy Blue

Colour of the month: Navy Blue


Let the thoughts of everyday life be blown away and fill up with new inspiration - that works by itself at the seaside. Maybe it's[...]

KREUL Farbe des Monats Ice Mint

Colour of the month: Ice Mint


Summer is here! And with it comes the desire for sun, beach and carefree fun. But what if grey clouds and rain showers dampen the[...]

MUCKI Fingerfarbe Regenbogen

Colour of the month: rainbow


Yellow, red, green, blue, violet - each colour glows just wonderfully. But together they create something fantastic: a rainbow. It[...]

KREUL Farbe Frühling Gelb Monat anmalen DIY Deko Sonnengelb

Colour of the month: sunshine yellow


Here a delicate bud, there a warm breeze - spring is leisurely stretching out its sensors. How wonderful when sun rays soon tickle[...]

KREUL Farbe des Monats Beige Hellbraun chalky

Colour of the month: beige


As the temperatures rise slowly, one nuance gently wakes us from hibernation. The colour beige peeks cautiously out from under the[...]

KREUL Nature Koralle Rot

Colour of the month: KREUL Nature Coral


Powerful and intensely luminous: the mixture of red and a touch of orange radiates joie de vivre. The colour tone is inspired by[...]

KREUL Nature Tannennadeln Grün nachhaltig Farbe

Colour of the month: KREUL Nature Fir Needles


Protective and restful: the dark green of the forest gives a feeling of security. The colour is full of power and sharpens the[...]

KREUL Nature Granatapfel Rot nachhaltig DIY Farbe

Colour of the month: KREUL Nature Pomegranate


Sensual and strong: the tart tropical fruit seduces with sweet pleasures. The dark mixture of red and a little bit of blue is[...]

KREUL Nature  Farbe Schiefergestein Grau ressourcenschonend

Colour of the month: the KREUL Nature Slate


Rough and deep: the KREUL Nature Slate has the effect of a view of the original forces of nature. The darkest shade of the KREUL[...]

KREUL DIY Farbe nachhaltig Nature braun ocker

Colour of the month: KREUL Nature Loam


Down-to-earth and earthly: the KREUL Nature Loam reminds of sandy soils and moist clay - a soil that nourishes plants allowing[...]