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Colour of the month: rainbow

06/22/2021 |

Yellow, red, green, blue, violet - each colour glows just wonderfully. But together they create something fantastic: a rainbow. It often forms after a thunderstorm. When everything seems dark and grey, its play of light puts a smile back on our face. It is precious when a motif can give so much hope. And that through its colour alone. In black and white, it would simply be a bent strip. In June, we therefore celebrate the most cheerful colour combination in the sky and make 'Rainbow' our colour of the month.

We are currently noticing the rainbow in connection with the hashtag #pridemonth. In social media, the colourful arches are currently posted frequently because June is officially the proud month of the year. Here, the rainbow stands for diversity and the hope for a colourful world without hate and discrimination. Diversity is important to us too. Because creativity and the future can only emerge when people think broadly, openly and freely. Rainbows were also often seen at the beginning of the pandemic. For example, children all over the world hung a rainbow picture they had painted themselves in the window. The message was: no one is alone, together we can do it. The rainbow is only colourful light, but it symbolises so much!

It's not easy to capture it in photos. But how about a rainbow that you have painted yourself? All you need is paint, a brush and a good place where many people can see it. After all, we are passing on a smile. A rainbow consists of spectral colours always in the same arrangement. First, red, orange, yellow, then green, blue and violet. It's child's play with the KREUL Streety Sidewalk Paint on the pavement in front of the house or the MUCKI Finger Paint on the window. Or would you prefer to use it as part of an acrylic work of art? No problem: the SOLO GOYA Acrylic is available in 46 shades and the SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic in 51 shades. Everyone will find their favourite shades for the perfect rainbow. Just grab your brushes and let's get started: we're painting something that can move a lot.