How is the MUCKI Finger Paint actually made?

06/16/2021 |

Oh, how wonderful red feels and how magically dragon silver shimmers! Once little fingers are allowed to dip into colour, they will get completely enraptured. We think great colouring fun for the very young should be safe and reliable. That's why we have designed the MUCKI Finger Paint to meet the needs of children aged 2 and over. In this article, we will tell you what our children's paint needs to be bright, and which additives we deliberatively avoid. Come with us and let's take a look behind the scenes of the KREUL children's paint world!

The MUCKI brand contains a promise: we guarantee that the MUCKI finger paint stands for safety. Its quality is continuously tested in our in-house laboratory and the children's paint complies with the European Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC. The MUCKI Finger Paint is manufactured in Germany, more precisely in Hallerndorf in Upper Franconia. This means that not only are the distances to our raw material suppliers short, but we can also rely on the great technical know-how of our employees. With great care, colour shades are created here that always have the same quality.

Which colours can inspire children? How do they have to be designed so that even the smallest artists can paint and splash with them safely? Our product management team develops a concept that meets all the requirements for a children's paint. This is where we come up with the colours in which the MUCKI Finger Paint will be available and how it should feel. What the packaging will look like is also decided here. A whole range of product variants have already been created. The MUCKI Finger Paint is available in cheerful basic shades, shimmering metallic colours and bright neon shades, as sets and as individual paints.

Now comes the future recipe. It is developed in our in-house laboratory. Basically, the MUCKI Finger Paint consists of only a few components - what is not absolutely necessary is left out. The main ingredients are water, a binder and colour pigments. We add the industry-standard bittering agent Bitrex so that little artists don't lick the coloured fingers. The MUCKI Finger Paints do not contain PVC (polyvinyl chloride). The synthetic material has come under fire for its potentially harmful plasticisers, among other things. To ensure that the MUCKI Finger Paint remains durable, we use the active ingredient phenoxyethanol from the cosmetics industry. This means we can do without other preservatives such as parabens. Our children's paint is also lactose-free, gluten-free and vegan. The MUCKI Finger Paint consists of over 90% natural ingredients, the MUCKI Fabric Finger Paint of over 70%. Once a first version has been mixed, it is tested extensively. After all, it should be suitable for everyday use and sensitive to children's hands. If the quality is not 100% right, the colour is reworked. It can happen that the paint has to be mixed and tested several times. We then have the paint tested by additional external testing laboratories. Only after the paint has passed the independent testing do we start series production.

Once the newly developed MUCKI Finger Paint has passed all the tests, it can finally be produced. And on a large scale. About 400 litres of one colour shade are mixed by a large stirrer so that watery and powdery components mix optimally. This quantity would almost fill three bathtubs. After production, the viscosity, colour shade and microbiology of the finger paint are tested in the laboratory. If the quality is right, the paint is bottled. One colour quickly turns into more than 2000 cans. And many more will follow, because little artists still need blue, green, pink and more to paint. We don't make the tins of the MUCKI Finger Paint ourselves. To find suitable packaging, our purchasing department works closely with selected partners. We use polyethylene tins and polypropylene lids. These are practical, robust and PVC-free. Ours are even made in Germany.

Label stuck on and cap on? Then the MUCKI Finger Paint can be put together in sets or prepared for dispatch as a single paint. We do not sell directly, but through the specialist stores. That's why the MUCKI Finger Paint comes on pallets and is delivered to our dealers by haulage companies. Once it arrives at the retailer, the MUCKI Finger Paint is just waiting to be discovered by little artists. Now the painting, smudging and playing with paints can finally begin!