MUCKI Fingerfarbe auswaschbar Kleidung Flecken entfernen

Colour stains on textiles? Let them dry first!

06/23/2021 |
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Dabbing, painting and smudging with the MUCKI children's paints - little artists are in their element. The fingers quickly whiz across the page and conjure up a blaze of colour. Oops, paint has landed on the shirt. No problem, the MUCKI Finger Paint, the MUCKI Paper Pixie, the MUCKI Children's glue & Co. are washable. That's why the label says 'washable out well at 30 °C'. But the stain has to dry out first. So relax, keep being creative and let everything dry - then your favourite shirt will be super clean again! Why it works like that, we are going to reveal in this article.


There's a stain! So you'd rather soak it in water first? Better not! To ensure that the MUCKI Finger Paint can be washed out of textiles, the fabric fibres should not bond with the paint. That's why the MUCKI Finger Paint doesn't contain any ingredients that interact chemically with the fibres. However, if water comes into contact with the coloured areas, the paint will be diluted. It is then increasingly absorbed by the textile fibres and is much more difficult to remove again. We therefore recommend that stains of the MUCKI Finger Paint should not be washed out immediately with water. It is better to let the stain dry and then wash the garment in the washing machine at 30 degrees. In a well-filled washing drum, the physical friction during rotation is additionally used.

Our recommendations apply not only to the MUCKI Finger Paint, but also to the MUCKI Gleaming Finger Paint, the MUCKI Craft Paint, the MUCKI Glitzy, the MUCKI Children's glue, the MUCKI Window Glue, the MUCKI Window Color, the MUCKI Glow-in-the-dark Paint, the MUCKI Paper Pixie and the KREUL Streety Sidewalk Paint. So, let the next colour stain dry, because only the undiluted, dried paint washes out well. Do not wet stained clothes with water. Therefore, at a children's birthday party, it is better not to play with water bombs directly after the painting activity. If the children's paint is not washable, we have noted this on the packaging. This is the case with the MUCKI Finger Paint for fabrics. But after all, the colour should stay on the fabric and make it something special, shouldn't it?