KREUL Ausbildung Azubi

My first year as a KREUL trainee

07/01/2021 |

You've just finished school and then what? Well, do an apprenticeship! Our trainee Katharina A. has been part of the KREUL family for almost a year. She has been trained at KREUL since September 2020 and is going through all departments. Not easy when in times of the pandemic this has to be sometimes done from the home office. How she experiences her training and what makes an apprenticeship at KREUL special, she reveals to us in our employee interview. She took the photos herself. It's nice to see the paint factory through her eyes for once. We wish her further success and are happy to have her with us.

During the first months, I learned a lot about KREUL, its employees, its departments and its goals. I was given a guided tour of the entire company and thus got to know the different departments and employees and their tasks. I thought that was great because I got to know the company better right at the beginning and gained many different insights. I have been through three different departments so far. Everywhere was nice and the employees taught me a lot. I've already been in customer service, sales and I'm currently in accounting. So far, I've especially enjoyed the contact with customers. I've done correspondence and telephone conversations with our customers and that's been a great fit for me. However, preparing offers and carrying out statistics are not really my thing.

Basically, you go to school once a week from eight to 4pm and every other week for an additional day from eight to just after 3pm. There are normal school holidays when you don't have to go to school. Nevertheless, you then have to go to work on your vocational school days. What I find very useful, however, is that you take your holidays during your training, so you don't have school and don't have to work. But if you take a vacation outside the holidays, you are only exempt from work but not from school. That means you have holidays, but you still have to go to school on vocational school days.

Yes, I have. My favourite colour is pink, and it's best if it's brightly coloured or simply neon. KREUL has so many great products that I can't limit myself to just one favourite. For me, however, there are three front-runners that many of my friends and I like to work with. The first place is the KREUL Window Color paints which decorate my window with many different motifs, the second place is the KREUL Magic Marble marbling paints with which I can create a great pattern on different surfaces from many colours, and place three is the KREUL Streety Sidewalk Paint which you can apply to asphalt with a brush.

As a new trainee, you should definitely know that all the staff are very friendly and always support you. You also have a tutor during your apprenticeship who always supports you anyway, especially if you have a problem or a suggestion for improvement. You also go through every department in the company, including the departments that have nothing to do with your training, such as production in my case. The company KREUL is like a big family and always sticks together.