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More glamour on textiles: the KREUL Textile Marker Glitter

07/06/2021 |

Spot on! We let colours celebrate a party! With an extra portion of glitter, self-designed accessories and fashion sparkle. How do you do it? It's easy with the KREUL Textile Marker Glitter. In trendy shades like rosé or gold, glamour is added to your favourite jeans. Small details like a zigzag design become an exciting eye-catcher. We love it when special effect colours put textiles in the spotlight and have therefore developed the KREUL Textile Marker Glitter: cheers to colours with a lot of glam factor!

Glittering silver graphics on shirts? Sparkling statements in cool black? Fashion and decoration are exactly to our taste - and on both light and dark fabrics. The KREUL Textile Marker Glitter covers very precisely with a glitter effect. The water-based fabric painting pen is semi-opaque and suitable for textiles made of cotton, batiste, linen and mixed fabrics up to a maximum of 20% synthetic fibre content. The sturdy bullet tip can be used to create chic floral elements as well as large-area designs. It's easy to turn plain bags and clothes into something special. Simply shake and pump. The valve system of the textile pen ensures an even flow of ink with glitter!

The KREUL Textile Marker Glitter is available as a single pen in the colours red, rosé, violet, blue, turquoise, green, black, silver and gold. In the KREUL Textile Marker Glitter medium 5-piece set, we have put together colours that harmonise particularly well with each other. The glittering colours red, rosé, black, silver and gold turn textiles into elegant individual pieces where everything is harmonious. The colours are excitingly beautiful, and the set is a fantastic gift for creative favourite people.

Whether on self-sewn or pre-made fabric accessories: the designs with the KREUL Textile Marker Glitter are washable inside out up to 40 °C after fixing. To ensure that the glittering designs remain excitingly beautiful for a long time, we recommend washing the textiles free of finishes and fabric softeners before painting. When painting, we place a layer of baking paper between the fabric layers for protection. The KREUL Textile Marker Glitter should be shaken vigorously for one to two minutes with the cap closed before each application. The tip fills with colour when pressed carefully several times on paper and is then ready for use on textiles. Then leave the designs to dry for six hours, cover with baking paper and set with the iron on the cotton setting for five minutes. Alternatively, fix in the oven at 150 °C for eight minutes.