MUCKI Porzellan Pirat Geschirr malen Kinder

MUCKI Porcelain Pirate: for colourful favourite tableware

07/14/2021 |

Easy colouring fun for the holidays? A souvenir for children aged 4 and over? Give them the MUCKI Porcelain Pirate! The porcelain colouring pens for children turn white dishes into colourful tableware in no time at all. With the colours red, blue, green, yellow and black, little do-it-yourselfers show what favourite cups can look like. Whether ladybirds, laughing faces or pirate ships - the children's pens are so robustly designed that they can take on countless ideas. Great for making rainy afternoons cheerful. And a fantastic gift idea for little experts.


Making glasses, plates and bowls colourful is easy, isn't it? Of course, it is! With the MUCKI Porcelain Pirate pens, painting on tableware is as easy as using a felt tip pen. Just take the cap off and start drawing lines, dabbing and colouring. The children's pens have a thicker body and therefore lie well in the small hand. It doesn't matter if you get too enthusiastic, the sturdy tip can cope with a lot. With the MUCKI Porcelain Pirate porcelain pen set of 5, parents can rely on the usual MUCKI children's paint quality. The children's pens are made in Germany and regularly tested. They are dermatologically tested, vegan, paraben-free, gluten-free and lactose-free. We think that with reliable pens, painting with children is quite uncomplicated.

The five brightly coloured porcelain pens are perfect for preparing tableware for the next children's birthday party. This creates lots of anticipation for the birthday kid and every guest gets to take their plate home as a souvenir. The MUCKI Porcelain Pirate is suitable for painting ceramics, porcelain and glass. We recommend washing the items by hand before decorating. When painting, leave out the rim of cups and glasses and the eating area on plates. The motifs could otherwise be scratched when eating or drinking. Allow the painting to air dry for 4 hours, then place in a cold oven and bake in for 90 minutes at 160°C top and bottom heat. Leave to cool down in the oven. Done!

MUCKI children's pens are not only for painting on porcelain. We have also developed textile pens and watercolour pens especially for children aged 4 and over. The MUCKI Paper Pixie watercolour pen set of 5 creates beautiful works of art on paper that can be painted with water. Those who like to design their own T-shirts will be delighted with the MUCKI Fancy Fabric painting pen set of 5. The two sets are ideal for travelling and are guaranteed to fit in your luggage. When they arrive at their holiday destination, a surprise awaits the little colouring experts! We hope you will have fun painting and crafting.