KREUL Farbe des Monats Beige Hellbraun chalky

Colour of the month: beige

02/24/2021 |

As the temperatures rise slowly, one nuance gently wakes us from hibernation. The colour beige peeks cautiously out from under the melting blanket of snow and winks at the spring sun. The shade is quite light and restrained. The plain colour is reminiscent of sand, reed grass or dry earth. While it is easily overlooked in colourful summer months, the colour beige is an elegant farewell to winter in February. We are therefore making the timeless shade with its very natural radiance our colour of the month in February.


The name 'beige' originally comes from French and describes the colour of natural, undyed wool. The natural shade is described as greyish light brown as well as sandy yellow. The strong brightness comes from a lot of white with some brown. But beige is much more than just the interplay of these two shades. Depending on whether yellow or grey is added, the mixed colour is sometimes warmer or cooler. This creates beige variations in vanilla, cream, sand, caramel or greige. Mixing it with a little green even gives beige a slight freshness. Who would have thought that a neutral shade could be so multifaceted?

At KREUL, the many variations of beige are particularly evident in the KREUL Chalky paint. It fascinates with a combination of soft, muted colours and a matt look. Shades such as Sweet Vanilla, Cream Cashmere, Noble Nougat or Herbal Green are chic variations of beige. They give vases, picture frames and pots just a hint of colour, but an extra touch of grace. The DIY colour is perfect for those who like things minimalist. Furniture and decoration in shades of beige blend gently into the home and create a trendy vintage look.

The KREUL Chalky paint has a creamy consistency and is easy to apply with a brush. It is suitable for painting wood, stone, ceramics and many other surfaces. Once dry, everything is waterproof and weatherproof. A fantastic way to create a new look indoors and outdoors. As beige is neutral, it can be perfectly combined with strong colours. The soft natural tone softens bright colours and creates a pleasant balance. How about a duet of beige and fresh green? This combination already reminds us a lot of the upcoming spring. If you're in the mood for even more beige shades now, you're in for a treat. Variants of beige can also be found in the KREUL Glass & Porcelain Chalky and in the KREUL Acrylic Matt Paint.