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Colour of the month: sunshine yellow

03/22/2021 |

Here a delicate bud, there a warm breeze - spring is leisurely stretching out its sensors. How wonderful when sun rays soon tickle our nostrils and early blossoms stick their little heads out of the ground. The nights are still frosty. But we're in the mood of DIY projects that make our tummies tingle with warmth. How does it happen? Well, with a colour that makes the sun rise in the living room. That's why the shade sunshine yellow is our colour of the month March. To a wonderful start to spring!


Why does the colour sunshine yellow conjure up a good mood? Because it has a carefree effect and makes us think of bright buttercups and proud daffodils after the cool winter months. Yellow is a primary colour and cannot be mixed from other colours. But it is possible to give direction to the bright tone. Sunshine yellow becomes a warm colour by adding very little reddish components. In contrast to cool lemon yellow, it glows like a sunbeam. Just the right shade to banish winter fatigue. How good that KREUL offers several ways to turn on the sun. We let spring move in with the KREUL Glass & Porcelain Clear Sunshine Yellow and the KREUL Wood Stain Sunshine Yellow.

Natural wood makes rooms cosy. A touch of yellow creates a flair that reminds us of happy hours and carefree moments. The colour sunshine yellow of the KREUL Wood Stain is very gentle. Stroke by stroke, it makes wooden accessories shine without obscuring the beauty of the natural mineral. The liquid paint penetrates deep into the substrate. However, the unique wood grain still shines through beautifully. Perfect for adding a friendly touch to fruit baskets, storage boxes or chests of drawers.

Still a little tired of spring? Then we'll be happy to be kissed awake by sunshine yellow. It's easy to do when the lively hue smiles at us on bowls and drinking glasses. The special thing about it: the glass & porcelain paint KREUL Glass & Porcelain Clear Sunshine Yellow shines brightly on a white foreground and is transparent on glass. This is how real sun rays make our sunshine yellow glow! The KREUL Glass & Porcelain Clear is ideal for designs on glass, porcelain, ceramic vessels as well as terracotta and metal. The decorations are baked at 160 °C and are then dishwasher safe and saliva-proof. The colour not only makes you happy, it also makes you feel good. After all, the KREUL Glass & Porcelain Clear consists of at least 60% sustainable raw materials of natural origin. Who's in the mood for sunshine yellow now?