KREUL Vergolden mit Blattmetall Golden Elegance Set

Pure elegance in one set

03/17/2021 |

When incident light meets metal leaf, a shimmer is created that radiates incomparable elegance. The KREUL Gilding with Leaf Metal Set Golden Elegance brings a touch of luxury into the home. Gilding looks sophisticated, but with perfectly coordinated basics, the artistic craft succeeds almost by itself. With everything ready to hand, all that's needed is a little flair - and the result is a unique piece that will take your breath away with its radiance.

Whether in silver or gold: leaf metal is unique and wafer-thin. It's good to have the right tools at hand. This makes gilding an uncomplicated experience right from the start. The gilding set contains everything you need for gilding with leaf metal: the KREUL Primer and the KREUL water-based Coating Varnish, the KREUL Leaf Metal in the colour gold as well as two different brushes. This means that creative people can get started right away and don't have to worry about the right components.

Just let the leaf metal stick - ready, isn't it? In principle, yes, but the delicate material needs a special adhesive that is applied with a synthetic brush. With the KREUL Primer as a basis, the leaf metal nestles perfectly to the object and is pressed on with a synthetic brush. Decorations made of wood, dried concrete, cardboard or much more can easily be given an elegant finish. To ensure that the golden shimmer can shine indefinitely, we recommend a finish with the KREUL Coating Varnish. The transparent-glossy protective lacquer for gilded objects indoors protects against corrosion and ensures long-lasting beauty.

With a love of detail and a little patience, finishing with the KREUL Gilding with Leaf Metal Set works very naturally. It is important that the surface to be decorated is clean and free of dust and grease. Apply the KREUL Primer with the dark brush which has an elastic trim that makes it easy to spread the special glue. When everything has dried transparently after 20 minutes, the leaf metal can be pressed on with the dry, light brush. Carefully remove any residue with a brush or cloth. After a drying time of at least 12 hours, we polish the gilded surface with a soft cloth. What a unique piece! When our new favourite object is completely dry after several days, we cover it with the KREUL Coating Varnish to protect it. Finished - that was easier than we thought!

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