KREUL Pluster Liner Set chalky Deko Hochzeit Taufe Kommunion Konfirmation Geburtstag

Finely made for the special day

03/10/2021 |

White roses, delicate tendrils: it's little things that put an occasion in a special light. With the KREUL Pluster & Liner Pen 4-piece Set Chalky Moments, we create a festive setting. When filigree blossoms shine on candle holders and borders with little hearts embrace napkins, special moments are created. The KREUL Pluster & Liner Pens easily create a flair where everything is tone-on-tone. Heat makes the chic embellishments pop. This creates little highlights for the senses. Add a dainty bow around the unique designs - now the unforgettable moments can begin.


It becomes stylish when everything matches. We have chosen delicate shades for the set that harmonise fantastically with each other. It contains the shades white cotton, mademoiselle rosé, mint and noble nougat - all delicate pastel shades that exude a touch of romance. The colours dry to a matt finish. This is how we love the soft, chalky look. The fine tip of the KREUL Pluster & Liner Pens creates three-dimensional lines that puff up in the heat of the oven. What an eye-catcher on the festively decorated table!

The KREUL Pluster & Liner Pens are perfect for decorating cards, vases, pendants and place settings. A pink heart here, a delicate green squiggle there: everything goes together because the effects paint is suitable for countless surfaces. The paintings hold on paper, wood, ceramics, stone, metal, glass and even textiles. When applying to fabric, we recommend pressing the tip very lightly into the fibre. Decorated textiles are even washable up to 40 degrees. It's fantastic what the noble colours of the KREUL Pluster & Liner Pen 4-piece Set Chalky Moments can do.

The pens fit comfortably in the hand. The fine painting tip makes it easy to paint sweeping lines and tiny rose petals. Once the paint has dried for about 8 hours, a smooth 3D effect is created - our floral ornaments look like little petals. But for the wow effect, we also puff up the ornaments. This can be done in the oven at 150 °C top and bottom heat after about 3 minutes, with the iron inside-out at cotton temperature after about 1 minute or with the hair dryer at 1800 W after about 7 minutes. Now our little gems are not only eye-catchers, but also a delicate treat for your hands.