KREUL Familienpakt Bayern

More family-friendly into a colourful future

03/22/2021 |

Looking after your children, checking on your parents, caring for a relative and still working? We think this should be a matter of course in the future. As a medium-sized family business, KREUL wants to promote the compatibility of family and career. From now on, the Family Pact of Bavaria will give us suggestions on how this can be done. We are proud to be a member of the initiative and to go one step further in the right direction together.

It's good to be able to rely on an employer who not only understands the everyday life of families, but also offers opportunities to reconcile family and work. For example, by working in a home office if the job allows it. 'In this way we create more flexibility for families and at the same time remain competitive,' says the executive manager Dr Florian Hawranek. But KREUL is keen to establish family friendliness much more within the company. Every additional measure counts. The Family Pact of Bavaria provides many suggestions and information on how companies can concretely create a family-friendly working environment. In this way, the topic of family and career can also become a matter of course at KREUL.

The Family Pact of Bavaria appeared in 2015 with the aim of improving the compatibility of family and career among companies. The association is an initiative of the Bavarian State Government, the Association of Bavarian Chambers of Industry and Commerce, the Bavarian Business Association and the Bavarian Crafts Council. In the Family Pact of Bavaria, employers receive new impulses and practical assistance to improve their internal family friendliness. In addition, the Family Pact of Bavaria enables companies to network with each other and to exchange ideas on the challenges of a family-friendly personnel policy. Further information on the Family Pact is available at