KREUL Triton Acrylic Marker

Colourful all-rounder: the KREUL Triton Acrylic Marker

03/23/2021 |

Geometric shapes in deep blue, sweeping lines in delicate lilac and shimmering accents in gold: great works of art thrive on the interplay of strong colours and contrasts. With the KREUL Triton Acrylic Marker, this happens almost by itself. Simply shake, pump and skilfully set the colour in scene! Sometimes very finely drawn, sometimes seamlessly painted. With its four different tips, colour application is always precise. Precise details, wide areas or shaded lettering - the artist's pen is a fantastic tool for creative challenges. In 36 colours, two shades with natural pigments, 20 shades of the artist's pen are refillable - an absolute must-have for contemporary art!

Sustainability is important to us, which is why we have developed a well-thought-out concept with Triton that conserves resources. So, the KREUL Triton Acrylic Marker can be combined with the proven acrylic paint SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic and the lively KREUL Triton Acrylic Ink. Here everything fits together in terms of colour. The KREUL Triton Acrylic Ink and Marker contain the same link. Perfect for refilling empty KREUL Triton Acrylic Markers. This saves unnecessary packaging, increases the life of the marker and is a fantastic solution for even more lines and shapes. They come into constant use in the creative process, because the KREUL Triton Acrylic Marker is not only limited to canvas or paper. The intense colour also shines on surfaces such as wood, stone, plastic or metal.

We celebrate the diversity and power of colours. All shades have a high pigment density and colour intensity. Soft tones like delicate pink flirt alongside intense light blue. Fluorescent neon colours flow under black light, metallic shades create shimmering light reflections. Whether warm or cold shades, glazed or opaque: a wide range of colour is revealed here. Luminous colours do not always have to be of synthetic origin. With curcuma and graphite, we have succeeded in creating two colour shades based on resources of natural origin. Curcuma is made with the dye from the rootstock of the turmeric plant (curcuma longa root extract). Graphite contains a mineral from the mineral class of carbons. In a pen body made of 70% post-consumer recycling material (PCR), the two colours show that art can also be sustainable.

Drawing, sketching, painting: when inspiration seeks colourful expression, the KREUL Triton Acrylic Marker is a perfect all-rounder. The artist's pen is available in four versions with different tips. With the KREUL Triton Acrylic Marker medium, shapes and lines succeed precisely. The rounded medium tip is ideal for adding shading or writing. The KREUL Triton Acrylic Marker edge brings a lot of variety as the flattened tip creates both wide stripes and pinpoint details. For particularly filigree works in black and white, the KREUL Triton Acrylic Marker fine with fine tip is suitable. The extra wide tip of the KREUL Triton Acrylic Marker XXL brilliantly creates large areas. It's brilliant how easy it is to create great works and cool accents with a marker. We hope you will have fun trying it out!

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