KREUL Textil Marker Stoff Mal Stift Glitter deckend medium brush refill

Trendy fashion is now designed by yourself

03/23/2021 |

Whether as colourful eye-catcher or interesting accent - self-made designs turn fabrics into fashion statements and trendy accessories. The KREUL Textile Markers are must-haves for everyone who loves individual style on textiles. Graphic elements, precise lines, filigree details or sweeping letterings on shoppers and shirts? The KREUL Textile Markers can be used for every idea. The fabric markers are not only easy to use, but also particularly robust. Only the quality Made in Germany is as sophisticated and reliable as this. Fancy some chic patterns on textiles? Then go for it with the KREUL Textile Markers. We are happy to present the different versions.


Open the cap and off you go with your own ideas on white bags and tops. With its brilliant water-based fabric paint, the KREUL Textile Marker medium is ready to use immediately, without shaking or pumping. Wide coloured areas and sophisticated patterns are easy to create with the sturdy tip. The KREUL Textile Marker medium is a fantastic basic for styles on light-coloured textiles. For particularly intricate details, there is the KREUL Textile Marker fine with an insensitive fine tip. With the KREUL Textile Marker brush, sweeping letters almost succeed on their own, as the elastic brush tip adapts to every curve. Ideal for setting the scene for lettering impressively.

Wonderful when colours are so intense that they shine even on dark backgrounds. The KREUL Textile Marker Opaque shows that both light- and dark-coloured fabrics deserve colourful accents. The water-based colours are not only strong, but also have a noble matt look. With the stable bullet tip, precise lines can be drawn even on coarse fabrics, and particularly slender contours can even be drawn with a thin fine tip. We think individual style should be fun and contemporary. That's why we have rounded off the KREUL Textile Marker Opaque with a refill system. This means that empty textile markers in black and white can simply be refilled with the refill pen. Great for creating even more chic fabric ideas - and in a particularly sustainable way!

Raise the curtain for the fashion stars! We present textile markers with an extra portion of glitter. The KREUL Textile Marker Glitter provide glamour on light- and dark-coloured fabrics. This way, the semi-opaque water-based fabric paint creates favourite pieces with that certain something. A few shiny words here, a few glittering dots there - when it sparkles and shimmers, light- and dark-coloured fabrics become impressive eye-catchers.

With our tips, fabric painting almost succeeds on its own. The KREUL Textile Markers are suitable for textiles made of cotton, batiste, linen and mixed fabrics up to a maximum of 20% synthetic fibre content. We recommend washing the fabric before painting, free of finishing agents and fabric softener. Place baking paper between the layers of fabric for protection. Shake the KREUL Textile Marker Opaque and Glitter vigorously for 1 to 2 minutes with the cap closed before each use. By carefully pressing the tip onto paper several times, the paint will fill the pen tip. The marker is then ready for designing. Designs with the KREUL Textile Markers become wash-resistant by ironing or oven-fixing. After a drying time of 6 hours, cover the fabric with baking paper and fix with the iron on cotton setting for 5 minutes or in the oven for 8 minutes at 150 degrees.