KREUL Textil Marker Kinder Kids Junior ab 6 Jahren

Cool textile styles without shaking and pumping

04/15/2021 |

What's the favourite colour of the clever kids? Colourful, of course! It has to go on their favourite shirt, gym bag or pencil case. It's good that this is child's play with the KREUL textile markers. Not only are they iridescent as a rainbow, they also work without any shaking or pumping. Take out the pens, take off the cap and off you go with colourful designs on fabric. A few pink stars here, a cheeky monster face in bright orange there: it's so easy to create your own ideas on textiles. The KREUL Textile Marker will quickly become a favourite among the pens!


It's fun when your own ideas can be implemented creatively in no time at all.  No problem with the KREUL Textile Marker. The textile marker contains brilliant water-based fabric paint. Whether delicate pink, eye-catching neon yellow or cheerful turquoise: the textile markers bring colour to light-coloured textiles! Perfect for future designers and experts from the age of 6. It's great that the KREUL textile markers meet the needs of kids perfectly. They have been dermatologically tested and are easy to hold. The pens can cope with almost everything because they have a non-sensitive fibre tip.

A little colouring fun in between or extra colour: the KREUL Textile Markers are available in different sets. The KREUL Textile Marker medium Junior 5-piece Set contains four basic colours and a neon colour that glows under black light. More fabric ideas? Then the KREUL Textile Marker medium Junior 12-piece Set or the KREUL Textile Marker medium Junior 18-piece Set will bring you a limitless painting experience. The two large sets are perfect for a craft highlight at the children's birthday party. If you are looking for a gift idea for creative kids, the KREUL Textile Marker Junior Set Color you case is absolutely right. With the complete set, the cotton pencil packaging becomes the painting surface. The result is a self-designed pencil case that you won't find a second time!

Hand over the pens and get started with your own designs on fabric. With our tips, T-shirts and bags become stylish eye-catchers. The KREUL Textile Markers are suitable for designing light-coloured textiles made of cotton, batiste, linen and mixed fabrics up to a maximum of 20% synthetic fibre content. We recommend washing the textiles free of finish and fabric softener before painting. For protection, place baking paper between the layers of fabric. Allow the paint to air dry for at least 3 days to fix it. The painting will also be wash-resistant if you cover it with baking paper after a drying time of 6 hours and fix it with the iron at cotton setting for 5 minutes or in a preheated oven at 150°C for 8 minutes. After fixing, the painted textiles can be washed inside out at up to 60 °C.

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