KREUL Nature Set Farben nachhaltig DIY

KREUL Nature Set: making a contribution in a creative way

04/19/2021 |

Nature lives from colours. Refreshing as eucalyptus, profound like the blue of the ocean, invigorating like the red of a coral reef or the subtle elegance of a pebble. The beauty of nature attracts with tones that appeal to the senses. With the KREUL Nature Set, we let ourselves be inspired by nature's play of colours and at the same time make a contribution to the future. The gently harmonising colour tones of the set are designed to be sustainable all around and make the future a little greener - because for every second KREUL Nature Set sold, a tree is planted.


Being creative and sustainability, do they go together? Definitely. With the KREUL Nature, we have developed a DIY paint that is entirely geared towards responsible conduct. The paint's formula consists of 84% sustainable raw materials of natural origin. When it comes to the packaging, we rely mainly on recycling. So, the glass is fully recyclable, the screw cap contains 85% recycled plastic and the label is made of 30% recycled fibres. The cardboard packaging consists of 94% recycled material and is produced in a climate-neutral way. The KREUL Nature is produced and filled in Hallerndorf in Upper Franconia. Here we can guarantee fair working conditions and reliable quality. It's not that hard to make future better with paint.

The KREUL Nature Set contains the four colours coral, ocean, eucalyptus and pebble. The shades are coordinated and together form a harmonious whole. Coral is strong red and intense. The warm shade radiates joie de vivre. The cool ocean blue awakens a longing for faraway places and refreshes like a day at the seaside. The colour pebble stone reminds us of small treasures that nature gives us. The shade eucalyptus vitalises and spreads pleasant serenity. The colours of nature are so wonderful and yet make us aware of how fragile this special habitat is.

Whether coral, ocean, pebble stone or eucalyptus: the colours of the KREUL Nature Set are water-based, have a creamy consistency and dry matt. They are suitable for designing paper, cardboard, dried concrete and clay. The colours look particularly beautiful on natural materials. A little coral or eucalyptus on shells, twigs or pressed leaves turn found objetcs from a walk into unique works of art. It's nice when you can bring a piece of nature into your home with colours. And the sustainable concept makes you feel good when being creative.