KREUL Ueberzugslack vergolden Schutz Lack

Golden shine well protected

04/19/2021 |

Surfaces refined with gold and silver radiate a timeless beauty. When simple objects become small gems with the KREUL Leaf Metal, they attract all eyes. Gold-plated accessories are noble unique pieces that bring a touch of luxury home. So that they shine beautifully for a long time, it needs a protective coating that prevents corrosion and tarnishing. For this purpose, there is the KREUL Coating varnish as well as the KREUL Zapon lacquer. When to use which varnish and what to consider is explained in our little varnish lesson.

Which coating varnish is suitable after gilding depends on the intended use of the gilded object. Should the new favourite piece be placed in the apartment or shine chicly outdoors? Indoors, a protection with the KREUL Coating lacquer is sufficient. And it's water based. It can be easily applied with a brush and dries transparent and glossy. Thus, elements finished with the KREUL Leaf Metal remain beautiful for a long time. Perfect for a timeless look in the living room!

The golden-refined lantern or the shiny silver bowl should not only stand in the room, but also on the terrace? If objects refined with leaf metal or accessories with metal surfaces come outside, we recommend a coating with the KREUL Zapon lacquer. The metal protective lacquer is made on a synthetic resin basis and protects shiny metal and precious metal surfaces from corrosion in wind and weather. Especially on moisture-retaining surfaces such as concrete, plaster, terracotta and clay, the KREUL Zapon lacquer protects against tarnishing or discoloration. The finish is available in two forms, as a liquid protective lacquer or as a spray. Both the KREUL Zapon Lacquer, which is applied with a brush, and the KREUL Zapon Lacquer Spray dry quickly and transparent-glossy. The spray is particularly suitable for filigree objects with curvatures or large surfaces. It ensures an even application without visible brushstrokes. Of course, objects coated with the KREUL Zapon lacquer can also be placed indoors.

The object finished with the leaf metal should be allowed to dry thoroughly for a few days. Only then should it be coated with a protective lacquer. Before applying or spraying, the substrate must be clean, dry, free of grease and oil and free of fingerprints. It may be necessary to clean the metal surface with nitro thinner beforehand. Liquid lacquers such as the KREUL Coating varnish or the KREUL Zapon lacquer are applied thinly with a synthetic brush. The protective lacquer is dry when it is evenly transparent. You prefer to use the KREUL Zapon lacquer Spray? We recommend shaking the can for 3 minutes. Then hold the can vertically and spray evenly from a spraying distance of 20 or 30 cm. The protective layer will be dust-dry after about 10 minutes and completely dry after 2 hours. After use, hold the can with the spray head down and spray the valve empty.