KREUL Farbe des Monats Ice Mint

Colour of the month: Ice Mint

07/21/2021 |

Summer is here! And with it comes the desire for sun, beach and carefree fun. But what if grey clouds and rain showers dampen the mood? Then let's get that summer feeling going with the colour Ice Mint. The soft blue reminds us of happy afternoons by the pool, radiant sunshades on the Rivera and endless horizons. Ice Mint is like a welcome, tangy cool-down when things get busy again in everyday life. That's why we've made it our colour of the month in July. The shade sounds like a cocktail with mint and ice cubes. This refreshment is just right for our home in summer!

Light blue is not always the same. There are many variations. Sometimes it's delicate baby blue, sometimes it's a bright blue like sky, sometimes it's a light blue-violet like forget-me-nots. The colour Ice Mint looks fresh because it consists of three components: blue, green and white. The base shades are a lot of cool blue and some green. This creates a turquoise tone that looks bright and light when a lot of white is added. Just as carefree as a breezy summer day.

In the KREUL colour palette, Ice Mint is included in the KREUL Chalky paints and the KREUL Glass & Porcelain Chalky. Fantastic for adding a summery touch to your desk with the delicate turquoise shade. Organizing boxes for office supplies look like a holiday by the sea in Ice Mint. How about a fresh kick in the morning? Breakfast plates and coffee cups decorated in Ice Mint promise a casual start to the day. Both product variants have a chalky character. They are not only bright and simple, but also enchant with a matt look.

On white porcelain or natural wood, Ice Mint looks like a gentle breeze. But it's in combination with strong colours that the mood really gets going. Together with a strong shade of pink like Cozy Red, the result is a summery mix that makes you long for sun and beach life. Together, the two shades are a cool duo and as bright as the ice cream vendor's awning. The moody summer can now take a cue from these gorgeous shades!