Orange KREUL Farbe des Monats Mai

Colour of the month: Orange

05/24/2022 |

Oh, and there's something else: this exhilarating, joyful and carefree feeling that the colours of summer give us. That is, one colour in particular – orange. This jazzy, good-mood colour makes you think of sweet fruity treats, warm rays of sunshine and moments of sheer exuberance. Let's transform the romantic mood of spring into a welcome for the upcoming summer. That’s easy with orange, our colour of the month for May.


Synergy of red and yellow

Our summery colour is inspired by the fruit of the same name. It grows in warmer climes in Mediterranean countries. The colour is also mixed from warm primary colours: red and yellow. If the red is dominant, the mixed colour becomes dark and impassioned. If more yellow is added, a light and cheerful orange is created. Together, the two variations conjure up a fiery spirit on canvas. And if you mix in a bit of white, you get an amicable apricot shade that makes for balance and harmony. After all, the summery colour can show itself from its softer side, too. 

Sometimes a shade of summer, sometimes a cool eye-catcher

Orange is a classic secondary colour that you can mix yourself. Even so, a glowing, pure orange isn’t always easy to achieve. If the starting colours contain too many cool undertones, the mixed orange can easily appear dull. So it’s good that KREUL offers so many ready-mixed shades of orange. For example, from the SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic range, artists can find exactly the right brilliant shade of the colour like, for example, Real Orange or Apricot. Summery highlights on accessories or decorative items? Creatives can paint them in an instant with Orange or Dark Yellow from the KREUL Acrylic Gloss Paint line. And when you need colours to really pop, just call for fluorescent Neon Orange from the KREUL Acrylic Neon Paint selection. Mega! 

Flamboyant with blue, congenial with pink

The complementary colour to orange is blue, the cool colour makes orange really pop. And pair orange with cool magenta to get a flashy and energizing colour combination. If you prefer calmer shades, combine joyful orange with pastels like rose pink, light blue or lilac. And you can liven up neutral colours like white or grey with a splash of orange. How much orange we surround ourselves with remains a matter of taste. But one thing is certain: With just a few strokes of orange, the sun instantly comes out!