KREUL Textil Marker Kinder Stift Stoff Rucksack bemalen

Making backpacks and t-shirts cool for summer

05/12/2022 |

When the sun smiles down on us, kids like to get out and about. And, of course, they need to have their snacks, drinking bottle, and bits and pieces with them, packed nice and safe in a stylish rucksack. With the KREUL Textile Marker medium Junior Sets, kids can design their own backpack in a flash. It's so easy! Drawing with the brightly coloured markers is totally easy – so we may as well decorate some t-shirts to match. Have a go! We’ll show you how to get started with this summer painting fun. And you (almost) don’t need Mum and Dad at all.



What you'll need: Bright colours and white fabrics

But what you will definitely need are KREUL Textile Markers in cheerful colours.
Yellow, Carmine Red, Light Blue, Light Pink or Neon Pink – the set of five for children aged 6 years and upwards inspires high-impact combinations. For everyone who likes designing with a wider selection of colours, we recommend the KREUL Textile Marker medium Junior set of 12 colours. You want to design your stuff together with your friends or at a children’s birthday party? Then the XXL selection of colours in the set of 18 markers is the right set for you. Now, all you need are white cotton backpacks and t-shirts. Fabrics made of batiste, linen or mixed fabrics containing a maximum of 20 % synthetic fibres are okay, too.
Grab your textile markers, on your marks, get set, get drawing!

Drawing and colouring without shaking and pumping

Get Mum or Dad to wash the white fabrics once first. To stop your design with the KREUL Textile Markers from bleeding through your fabric, put some baking paper between the layers. Now you can get drawing, colouring and lettering. Whether brightly coloured stripes or dancing balloons: drawing with the markers in the KREUL Textile Marker medium Junior Sets is child’s play – no need to shake or pump the markers first. Just like felt tips, only on fabric. After all, cool kids like to show off their DIY artwork. As getting creative can sometimes get turbulent, we have fitted the KREUL Textile Markers with a robust fibre tip. Our textile markers are also dermatologically tested. Other felt-tips just don’t get a look-in.

Colours fixed and ready to wear

Drawn some pretty patterns? Decorated some jazzy trainers? Then there’s nothing more left to do. The colours on the decorated backpacks and t-shirts are fixed once they have dried for three days in air. But you can fix the colours more quickly with Mum or Dad’s help. Let the fabric dry for six hours. Cover the design with baking paper and fix the colour with an iron at a cotton setting for five minutes. The colour can also be fixed in an oven for eight minutes at 150 °C. Once the fabric decorations have been fixed, you can wash the fabrics inside out at temperatures up to 60 °C. Too many instructions? Then just watch our step-by-step video on KREUL Textile Markers!