KREUL Nature DIY Farbe nachhaltig Fragen Antworten

Five questions about KREUL Nature

05/10/2022 |

Being creative while doing your bit for the future? You can do just that with KREUL Nature. Our resource-saving DIY paint is inspired by the beauty of nature and also designed to preserve it. With an alternative formula and a concept based on sustainability. We explain what that means for its application and what you should think about when creating with KREUL Nature in this post.


What's the difference between KREUL Nature and KREUL Acrylic Matt Paint?

KREUL Nature is a resource-saving DIY paint. Like KREUL Acrylic Matt paint, it is used to paint decorative objects and designing accessories with a paintbrush. Otherwise, the two products are very different from each other. KREUL Acrylic Matt paint is a classical acrylic paint. The formula for KREUL Nature, however, has been completely redeveloped and doesn’t fit into any existing category. It’s not an acrylic paint, nor a gouache paint either. The binder in acrylic paints consists of pure acrylate and water, whereas the basis for the binder in KREUL Nature paints is potato starch. In KREUL Nature, there are mainly natural constituents that can be classed as sustainable. We explain how we classify a formula as sustainable 



Is KREUL Nature vegan?

With KREUL Nature, we are committed to resource-saving alternatives. Our raw materials come from responsibly managed sources. Where possible, from regional suppliers. The concept of sustainability has top priority for KREUL Nature and we are constantly researching how to make the paint even more resource-saving. At present, some colour pigments are not vegan. If in future we find a vegan, more sustainable solution, we can change the formula again. 

For what surfaces is KREUL Nature suitable?

KREUL Nature is a decorative and effect paint with good coverage. It is therefore wonderful for decorating natural materials like wood or dried clay. You can also use it to paint items made of set concrete. The paint covers even slightly absorbent surfaces well. So, the paint is particularly beautiful on hand-made paper. The colours are coordinated and can be simply combined with each other. KREUL Nature is particularly suitable for harmonious decoration of finds from nature, like pebbles, driftwood, shells or nutshells.

Is KREUL Nature suitable for decorative items for outdoors?

Items decorated with KREUL Nature radiate a natural harmony on the patio or balcony. The sustainable DIY paint is suitable for indoor items and outdoor accessories. But it is important that painted tealight holders, vases or pots aren’t left standing in water. The occasional rain shower won’t harm the painted design. You can make decorative items painted with KREUL Nature more resistant to environmental influences if you apply a protective varnish. For this, we recommend a protective varnish on synthetic resin basis, e.g. KREUL Acrylic Matt Varnish on Synthetic Resin Basis.

Can you paint children's toys with KREUL Nature?

Our resource-saving DIY paint has been developed for painting decorative items. A paint intended for children’s toys must meet other requirements. It should be impact-resistant, scratch-resistant and saliva-resistant. KREUL Acrylic Matt paint is perfect for this.