KREUL Nature Granatapfel Rot nachhaltig DIY Farbe

Colour of the month: KREUL Nature Pomegranate

11/09/2020 |

Sensual and strong: the tart tropical fruit seduces with sweet pleasures. The dark mixture of red and a little bit of blue is inspired by the ripe fruit in autumn. The KREUL Nature Pomegranate shows what temptations a unique habitat can bring. A full-bodied colour that makes you think back to glowing hours of sunshine. In cool November we enjoy the sensual greetings from warmer days. The KREUL Nature Pomegranate is therefore our colour of the month November.


When nature chooses the colour red, it attracts all eyes. The KREUL Nature Pomegranate is a strong red shade that draws attention to itself with confidence. We associate maturity, pleasure and joy with it. While other red varieties look gaudy, the KREUL Nature Pomegranate gently restrains itself. The colour is more muted and darker, which is achieved by adding a little blue. The result is a red that is oriented towards sensual pink and yet remains completely relaxed. Nature tempts in a relaxed way.

How wonderful it is to enjoy the autumnal splendour outside and to decorate your home with found objects from nature. A jagged leaf, a polished pebble stone: with a little colour, little things from the side of the road become favourite pieces. The KREUL Nature Pomegranate sets accents that look cheerful. The strong red colour is particularly impressive on neutral surfaces such as wood or stone. Due to its high opacity, the KREUL Nature Pomegranate creates a matt, colourful look. The red shade alone is a pretty eye-catcher, it can be wonderfully combined with other colours from the KREUL Nature series. How about a cheerful duo of the KREUL Nature Pomegranate and KREUL Nature Eucalyptus?

With the KREUL Nature, we have developed such a paint that preserves resources. The DIY paint, for example, consists of 84% sustainable raw materials of natural origin. In the case of glass, we have used recycled material and the packaging is produced in a climate-neutral way. We believe that great things can be achieved by changing just a few things. So, the beauty of nature inspires us to act sustainably and responsibly. The KREUL Nature is manufactured in Hallerndorf in Upper Franconia - a production site surrounded by forests and green meadows. Isn't it obvious to take care of a fragile habitat? With the KREUL Nature, this contribution succeeds in a very creative way.