MUCKI Kinderkleber Oekotest sehr gut

Best score for the MUCKI Kids glue

10/30/2020 |

Good news for little hobbyists: the MUCKI Kids glue 80 ml (Art.-Nr. 24382) was tested in the ÖKO-TEST magazine of October 2020, pages 82-87, in the category craft glue and was rated 'very good'. The jury was particularly convinced by the harmless ingredients and the sensitive properties of the MUCKI Kids glue. When little hands are at work, safety is essential. That is why the MUCKI Kids glue is solvent-free, PVC-free and odourless. Children from the age of 4 can work eagerly and parents can simply let their kids do their work.


Cardboard, pressed sheets from a walk in the woods, sand on paper: when ideas just keep bursting out, a kids glue has to be almost an all-rounder. It is distributed and small treasures are pressed firmly in place. It goes without saying that something can get on the skin when you glue. No problem! The MUCKI Kids glue was developed to be suitable for sensitive hands. Not only is it without irritating solvents, it is also dermatologically tested. And of course, the MUCKI Kids glue is paraben-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan - we take sensitive properties seriously!

The ÖKO-TEST magazine from October 2020 examined the MUCKI Kids glue in the 80ml bottle. We designed the bottle with a tip so that little hobbyists can dose the liquid glue well. Those who want it to be even handier will be happy about the MUCKI Kids glue in the 29 ml pen. Both versions have a screw cap. It is very easy to screw it back on after crafting and the MUCKI Kids glue stays liquid in the bottle or pen for a long time. If there are lots of little creatives at work, we recommend the MUCKI Kids glue in the 750 ml bottle - the perfect version for glueing adventures in kindergarten!

Wow, glue has landed on your favourite shirt and tabletop because of the handcrafting joy. No problem! The MUCKI Kids glue is water-soluble. With a damp cloth, the work surface can be wiped clean again in no time at all. The shirt goes into the washing machine and is clean again after a 30-degree wash. Time to get those little hands clean. But no rubbing or scrubbing - the MUCKI Kids glue disappears from your fingers with warm water, easily and without tears.

  • MUCKI Kids glue, Art.-Nr. 24382