KREUL Lack Marker Set Weihnachten Kugeln anmalen

Glass baubles in elegant lacquer look

11/10/2020 |

Chic and noble in lacquer: this is how are getting in the mood for Christmas this year. What sounds opulent can be done in a casual and uncomplicated way with the KREUL Lacquer Marker Set. The pens in white, black, gold and silver simply shine wonderfully and decorate timeless transparent glass balls. The result is a minimalist look that radiates a quiet elegance - and can quickly shine on twigs and bushes. Because the KREUL Lacquer Marker is quickly applied and dries just as quickly.


The metallic colours gold and silver as well as contrasting black and white make our glass balls look festive. Simply beautiful how decorations shine in lacquer. What is even better: they will also last for holidays in the coming years. After all, painting with the KREUL Lacquer Marker is permanent. Painted decorations or written words stick to the surface. The only thing is not to let the glass balls break. We prefer to handle them carefully when decorating.

Finishing glass baubles is very easy. We shake the KREUL Lacquer Marker and pump until the tip of the pen is filled with paint. Now we can draw leaves, small fir trees or graphic elements on the glass baubles. The valve system in the pen keeps the ink flow even - perfect for an exact application. The paint adheres to countless other surfaces such as wood, metal, plastic or stone. A fantastic way to create additional decoration to match the winter glass baubles. Also suitable for outdoor use, because the KREUL Lacquer Marker is water and weather resistant.

If you like things a little bit more colourful at Christmas and during the Advent season, you can be happy: the KREUL Lacquer Marker shines as a single pen in 17 different colours, even in trendy neon pink! For more freedom of design, the lacquer marker is available with different tips. So, the KREUL Lacquer Marker is available in medium, fine, extra fine and calligraphy tips. This means that even filigree fonts and letterings with shading can be created on the glass baubles. Have fun decorating!

  • KREUL Lacquer Marker medium 4-piece Set, Art.-Nr. 47002
  • Glass balls