KREUL Anlegemilch pastos vergolden Blattgold Kleber

KREUL Primer pastose: Gilding with refined structure

11/18/2020 |

The surface curves gallantly, forms unique elevations and shimmers with an incomparable shine. Gilding creates unique works of art. With the KREUL Primer pastose, not only a noble coating of leaf metal is achieved. Structures can also be designed very playfully. This is how we create unique pieces that radiate elegance - simply by the interplay of form and golden shine. Being creative with the KREUL Leaf Metal is a feast for all senses. We will show how uncomplicated gilding can be.


Of course, refining with the KREUL Leaf Metal requires a bit of dexterity. But with the right tools, the traditional art of gilding is easier than you might think. For the leaf metal to adhere optimally to objects, it requires a special adhesive: the KREUL Primer. It is available in the classic version or in pastose form. With the KREUL Primer pastose, gilding becomes an artistic highlight because we create structures that shine in an exciting way.

The KREUL Primer pastose differs from the classic KREUL Primer in its consistency. This makes it viscous and tough. A perfect condition for creating structures with a palette knife or spatula - like a gilded impasto work of art. The consistency of the KREUL Primer pastose is also perfect for gilding with stencils or for the masking technique. The adhesive does not run under the stencil unnecessarily. Being clean and precise works perfectly when gilding!

The pastose special adhesive is water-based and is suitable for absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces. This makes it possible to gild very personal favourite pieces, e.g. decorative objects made of wood, glass, paper, canvas, plastic, concrete and much more. We create a special eye-catcher on stretched frames with the KREUL Leaf Metal Gold and the KREUL Primer pastose and turn concrete objects into chic artefacts.

We apply the KREUL Primer pastose with a palette knife on a stretched canvas frame. The resulting layer structure may be irregular, which later gives the golden work of art an exciting feel. Once the primer has dried for at least 20 minutes, it is transparent. Now it is time to put on the leaf metal and to press it carefully with a dry brush. After 12 hours drying time, polish carefully with a soft cloth. On a grey background, the KREUL Leaf Metal Gold looks particularly precious. How about gilding an object made of concrete? If the gilded decoration is then painted with the KREUL Zapon lacquer, it can even be placed outside.

  • KREUL Primer pastose, Art.-Nr. 99452
  • KREUL Leaf Metal Gold 140 x 140 mm 6 leaves, Art.-Nr. 99401
  • KREUL Zapon Lacquer 150 ml, Art.-Nr. 840150