KREUL el Greco Gouache Farben Set

Impressive gouache art for beginners

11/18/2020 |
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Glowing red meets refreshing blue and is restrained by glistening white. In gouache painting, the strong colours dance. What looks professional is easy even for beginners: with the KREUL el Greco Gouache Paints Set. The paint reminds of watercolour or acrylic paint. In contrast to watercolour, gouache is matt and opaque, but can also be used for the glazing technique. Dried surfaces can be dissolved again with water - this would not be possible with acrylic paints. Gouache is simply strikingly different and very uncomplicated to use.


Trying out something new artistically can be so exciting. How about gouache art? The KREUL el Greco Gouache Paints Set is just what you need. It contains 12 colours that offer a wide range of possibilities. So, newcomers and experts can immediately start with gouache painting. The basic set is ideal for school, study or work. After all, many prints in glossy magazines started out as gouache artwork.

The special feature of the KREUL el Greco Gouache Paints Set is that the colours are brilliant and opaque. They dry quickly and become matt and have an almost velvety effect. Dried paint areas or paint residues can be easily dissolved with water again and further processed. Great for making corrections at any time or for painting a work of art over a longer period of time. Just go over it with a damp brush, dissolve the paint freshly and you can continue painting. The KREUL el Greco Gouache Paints Set contains colours which are characterised by a high luminosity. This way works of art become radiantly beautiful.

Besides the KREUL el Greco Gouache Paints Set, all you need is watercolour paper and a brush - and the colour show can begin. The individual colour shades can be used undiluted or mixed with a little water to achieve a more fluid consistency. Similar to watercolour paint, gouache paint can be painted with a glaze. However, we make use of the strong covering power of the KREUL el Greco Gouache Paints. First, the individual areas are coloured. Then we draw more and more details over the quickly dried paint. A slip has happened? Never mind, it can be easily painted over with the opaque colours.

Whether for a birthday or Christmas: the KREUL el Greco Gouache Paints Set is a great idea for artists and creative minds. And for all those who would like to get a taste of other painting techniques, we have developed further sets. So, there are the practical KREUL el Greco Paints Sets with 12 tubes available for oil, acrylic and watercolour. The perfect basic equipment for future masters.

  • KREUL el Greco Gouache Paints Set 12 x 12 ml tubes, Art.-Nr. 26250
  • SOLO GOYA Paper Water Color, Art.-Nr. 68012
  • SOLO GOYA Artist's brush Goldhair Synthetics round size 6, Art.-Nr. 200506