KREUL Nature Display nachhaltig Shop Präsentation

Sustainably presented – with the KREUL Nature Display

11/23/2020 |

Lavender, fir needles, pebbles: with the KREUL Nature, the beauty of nature is our inspiration. Not only splendid colours shimmer outside. Nature teaches us how everything is connected. A mindful symbiosis of giving and taking. We gladly take this principle as our model. With the KREUL Nature we have developed a DIY paint that is full of sustainability. Doesn't it make sense to present it in a sustainable way in sales? The Werkhaus® Long Life displays do just that: they are practical, robust and resource-saving. A perfect joint contribution.


Create an eye-catcher in the shop and at the same time convey sustainability. We set high standards for the KREUL Nature display. Together with the company Werkhaus, we have developed a concept for the retail trade that uses simple means to present responsibly and makes people want to use the resource-saving paint. Werkhaus® displays are produced ecologically, fairly and socially in Northern Germany. It's good when the production of the KREUL Long Life counter displays and the KREUL Long Life floor displays is backed up by high quality and short transporting distances.

'Long Life' meaning something that can be used for a long time, is already going in the right direction. The KREUL Nature Long Life counter display presents the 12 KREUL Nature colours, the KREUL Nature Set and the KREUL Nature brushes in a space-saving yet attractive way. The floor display uses its height and shows additional products such as topcoats and other brushes. The 'long life' is achieved by the construction of robust and naturally renewable materials. For example, the wood fibre boards used have their origins in certified forestry. All board materials contain glue of the lowest emission class. In a way that conserves resources and CO2, the display accurately reflects the idea of the KREUL Nature.

The individual parts of the KREUL Nature Long Life displays are not screwed together but plugged into each other. This keeps the displays reusable and immaculate. The Werkhaus® plug-in system consists of customised individual parts and rubber rings. Everything is stowed away to save space during shipping and requires very little packaging material. This saves CO2 during transport and storage. Naturally, assembly instructions are included in the package. This means that the KREUL Nature Long Life displays can be assembled quickly and without tools. If the display is no longer needed, wood, paper & rubber rings can be easily separated and recycled.

The KREUL Nature Long Life counter display has hidden storage space for replenishment. The colour card is printed on a wooden flap that can be opened upwards. In the floor display, the KREUL Nature brochure has a visible place for the consumers. So, everything remains appealing and clearly arranged down to the smallest detail.