MUCKI Bastelfarbe Geschenkpapier DIY

Painted and imprinted – this is how gift-wrapping paper works

11/24/2020 |

Look, a present for you! Now comes the time for loving attention. Little Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts are fully in their element. It goes without saying that homemade items also need special packaging. With the MUCKI Craft paint, it works great! It is perfect for stamping and printing on paper. Let's go - stamping with the MUCKI Craft paint is child's play. Wrapping paper has never been so much cooler than the actual gift!


For our self-printed wrapping paper, you don't need much, just wrapping paper, a sponge brush, a potato and the MUCKI Craft paint. These are available in 11 different colours. Today we use white and green, which is perfect for winter. The water-based children's paint can be easily squeezed out of the bottle. Simply dab the paint with a sponge brush and press it onto the paper. Wow, white dots appear everywhere. Even on the jumper? Never mind. Mum is completely relaxed, because the MUCKI Craft paint comes out of textiles in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

Finished already? There's more! We press a fir-shaped biscuit cutter into one half of a potato and have a stamp in no time at all. It is coated on the print side with the MUCKI Craft paint. It can be easily spread with a brush. Let's get it on the paper - beautiful how the green fir tree shines. We have made the MUCKI children's paint brilliant and well covering. The printed paint dries quickly, nothing smears. This makes crafting fun!

For children to be able to do beautiful things all by themselves, they need a crafting paint that is tailored to their needs. This is why we have equipped the MUCKI Craft paint with sensitive properties. It is dermatologically tested, paraben-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan. These are perfect conditions for DIY! Children from the age of 4 can start off on their own.

Stamped here a fir tree, printed there a few more circles. Our self-painted wrapping paper is now ready. But eager hobby enthusiasts are not so easy to stop. Maybe Father Christmas needs an extra portion of wrapping paper? In any case, this year the MUCKI Craft paint has to be added to the wish list. It's a good thing that the craft paint is not only available in separate bottles, but also as a set of 6. We hope you will enjoy painting and stamping.

  • MUCKI Craft paint white, Art.-Nr. 24101
  • MUCKI Craft paint green, Art.-Nr. 24112
  • MUCKI Craft paint 6-piece set, Art.-Nr. 24160
  • MUCKI Children's brushes 3-piece set, Art.-Nr. 553031
  • KREUL Sponge brush 4-piece set, Art.-Nr. 72160
  • Wrapping paper, potato, biscuit cutter