KREUL Nature Tannennadeln Grün nachhaltig Farbe

Colour of the month: KREUL Nature Fir Needles

12/08/2020 |

Protective and restful: the dark green of the forest gives a feeling of security. The colour is full of power and sharpens the concentration on the essential. When wintry white keeps us waiting in December and brown tones mostly prevail in nature, we are happy about a strong green. The KREUL Nature Fir Needles gives energy and spreads festive harmony - like the evergreen of the fir tree. A fitting shade to let the last days of the year come to a relaxed end. We therefore choose the KREUL Nature Fir Needles our colour of the month December.


No other shade is found as frequently in nature as green. Whether as lush green meadows, delicate green sprouts or a rich green canopy - green stands for a vibrant living space. The KREUL Nature Fir Needles was modelled on the evergreen of coniferous trees. The shade is modestly restrained, but its deep, rich colouring makes an impact. In contrast to other green shades, the KREUL Nature Fir Needles is a strong and dark colour. An intense nuance that allows us to calm down and ground ourselves.

Especially at Christmas time, we like to bring some green into the house. The KREUL Nature Fir Needles dabbed on a pebble or painted on a tree slice - it's nice when a colour shade doesn't cover up the original, but harmoniously emphasizes it. This is how found objects from a walk in the woods become small treasures that spread a natural flair at home. As a dark shade, the KREUL Nature Fir Needles looks particularly stylish next to light nuances such as beige or natural wood. The colour becomes classically Christmassy with the KREUL Nature Pomegranate. This creates a festive atmosphere that celebrates quietly and devoutly.

A paint that takes nature as its model, calls for a sustainable concept. With the KREUL Nature, we have succeeded in creating a DIY paint that conserves resources and thus makes a contribution to the future. This is achieved with a formula that consists of 84% sustainable raw materials of natural origin. The packaging is produced in a climate-neutral way and is recyclable. The screw cap is mainly made of recycled plastic. If you turn a lot of screws, you can make a big difference. We are happy to be able to give something back to nature with every jar of the KREUL Nature sold. Being creative and enjoying nature can be in complete harmony.