KREUL Glass & Porcelain Navy Blue

Colour of the month: Navy Blue

09/06/2021 |

Let the thoughts of everyday life be blown away and fill up with new inspiration - that works by itself at the seaside. Maybe it's the monotonous sound of the waves, but the deep blue hue of the water definitely plays a role. In September, we like to be captivated by a shade of blue that sparks our longing for the sea. Nave Blue translates as marine blue. The colour evokes memories of sailboats, stiff breezes and the lively spray. Even if the summer holiday is already over, we like to think back to maritime moments. The cool blue is therefore our colour of the month.

Blue is one of the primary colours of the colour wheel. There are warm and cold blue tones, you can recognise them by how they appear on a white background. Warm blue tones appear slightly reddish-violet, cold blue tones tend towards green. Our colour of the month is a mixed colour. We created it by taking a dark, cold blue as the base colour. By adding a little white, it was then made to shine, and the shade Navy Blue was created - as refreshingly as the rolling sea.

Our colour of the month is from the Glass & Porcelain Chalky series. The shade is available as a paint in a 20 ml jar and as a pen. Whether as a creamy paint or a pen: both variants make chic unique pieces out of heat-resistant materials such as porcelain, ceramics or glass. The special thing about the Chalky paint is that it has a chalky character and enchants with a matt, opaque look. The porcelain paint is applied with a brush. With the pen, it is first shaken and pumped until the tip fills with colour. Then the glass and porcelain painting pen can be used to draw precisely. After drying and baking in the oven, the designs you create yourself are waterproof, dishwasher safe and lightfast. We have made it our aim to make a contribution to the future with colours. That is why we use at least 60% sustainable raw materials of natural origin in the production of the KREUL Glass & Porcelain Chalky and the KREUL Glass & Porcelain Pen Chalky.

Navy Blue can be combined with many shades of the KREUL Glass & Porcelain series. The maritime look is created on a white transparent background. We haven't covered some areas with paint so that the white of the porcelain forms a pretty contrast to Navy Blue or the glass background shines through. Together with a light grey, the fresh look is slightly varied. It is beautiful how a friendly unity is created with only a few colour tones, which makes us dream.