KREUL Flüssig Bronze Metall Pigment Lack DIY

The KREUL Liquid bronze for a noble ambience

09/08/2021 |

Want to bring a little glamour and shine into your home? With the KREUL Liquid Bronze, this works almost by itself. The technique is traditionally used for restoring works of art and antiques. Sounds complicated - but it's easy to do, because the KREUL Liquid Bronze is simply applied with a brush. The result is a wonderful shine. It's wonderful how beautifully golden or silver the refined objects shine. We are thrilled with the self-designed eye-catchers that make living and dining rooms much more elegant.

The secret of the brilliant bronze effects is the high-gloss metallic pigment varnish, available as the KREUL Gold Bronze and the KREUL Silver Bronze. Unlike the KREUL Acrylic paints, the KREUL Liquid Bronze is synthetic resin-based. From the very first brushstroke, the KREUL Gold Bronze and the KREUL Silver Bronze shimmer breathtakingly and lay opaquely over curvatures or filigree decorations. The shine remains even after drying. A fantastic way to add an elegant finishing touch to interior decorations.

In no time, we decorate candle holders and decorative bowls with the KREUL Gold Bronze and the KREUL Silver Bronze. Both variants are suitable for finishing many objects. The KREUL Liquid Bronze adheres to wood, canvas, cardboard, stone, ceramics, metal and many plastics. A particularly sophisticated effect is created when the KREUL Liquid Bronze is blown in different directions on the canvas. These are golden times for extraordinary works of art!

Open the cap, pull out the brush, and the finishing can begin. We have put together a few tips to help you achieve the perfect result. The object to be painted must be clean, dry and free of grease and rust. For absorbent surfaces such as wood, we recommend priming with the KREUL Acrylic Matt paint. Stir the KREUL Liquid Bronze well before use. Due to its characteristics, the metal pigment varnish on synthetic resin basis may only be applied once and must not be overpainted afterwards. A synthetic brush is best suited for application. The brush should be cleaned with turpentine substitute. The gilded objects are dust-dry after about 30 minutes and completely dry after about 12 hours. We hope you will enjoy doing this and are sure that there will be some compliments.