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Five questions to the synthetic resin-based KREUL protective lacquers

09/08/2021 |

Decorations can be protected from moisture and dirt. This is where the KREUL synthetic resin-based protective lacquers come in. They are perfect for works that are to decorate the outdoors, but also protect beautiful things indoors. We will answer five questions that we are frequently asked.

There are synthetic resin-based protective lacquers and water-based protective lacquers. The KREUL synthetic resin-based protective lacquers make objects weatherproof. They are thus protected from moisture and can be permanently placed in the garden or on the balcony. Water-based protective lacquers can only do this to a limited extent. By coating them with the KREUL synthetic resin-based protective lacquers, objects become less sensitive to hits or scratches. They are also saliva-proof. The KREUL synthetic resin-based protective lacquers are therefore an ideal tool for protecting homemade wooden toys.

KREUL offers four varnishes in this category. The KREUL Wood Stain Protective Matt Varnish is intended for objects made of wood, e.g., for toys or from model making. The KREUL Acrylic varnishes based on synthetic resins are all-rounders and are suitable for almost all surfaces, e.g., ceramics, stone, cardboard, wood and many plastics. They differ according to their appearance when dry, i.e., they are glossy, matt or silk matt. These lacquers are available as the KREUL Acrylic Gloss varnish on synthetic resin base, the KREUL Acrylic Silk Gloss varnish on synthetic resin base and the KREUL Acrylic Matt varnish on synthetic resin base.

Our protective varnishes are ideal for outdoor furniture, toys, vases, papier-mâché, lanterns, shells, snail shells, ceramics and much more. However, they are not suitable for surfaces that come into contact with heat, pressure or food, e.g., ashtrays or crockery. Paint surfaces that are water soluble should also not be painted with the KREUL protective lacquers. This applies to works of art made with the MUCKI Finger Paints, MUCKI Craft Paint, water colour paint or gouache. The KREUL Fixing Spray Matt or Glossy is suitable for this purpose; it protects against dirt and light moisture such as water droplets.

The topcoats have a honey-like consistency. A firm brush is therefore necessary to spread everything evenly on the surface. A simple bristle brush is perfect whereas a fine hair brush won't get far.

There is no general answer to this question. The KREUL synthetic resin-based protective lacquers dry from the outside to the inside. An area of 5x15 cm needs about 4.5 hours until it is surface-dry and 6 hours until it is completely dry. The varnishes dry only in the air. Unfortunately, a hair dryer cannot speed up the drying process.