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I'll build my own dream car!

09/16/2021 |

Is there a cardboard on the kitchen table? No, there's a car driving! It's still just a flash of inspiration, but with the MUCKI craft paint, it quickly turns into a colourful project. Children from the age of 4 are enthusiastic do-it-yourselfers and can already turn their own ideas into reality wonderfully if you just let them. With the MUCKI craft paint, we have developed a paint that children can use all by themselves to be creative. It is cheerfully colourful, perfect for dabbing, brushing or stamping and uncomplicated if something goes wrong. Sounds like great crafting fun and makes the little tinkerers really proud. We will show here how to make a car out of cardboard - but we're sure the kids will come up with their own creations in no time. Clear the stage for all the self-made racing cars, trucks, buses & Co.


Bright red like the fire brigade, bright yellow like the sun: first of all, the colourful shades of the MUCKI craft paint encourage you to create something yourself. The paint is fluid, beautifully opaque and easy to spread. A great prerequisite for trying something out and mixing different colours yourself. Large-scale painting, funny dot patterns or stamping on the paint with a sponge: so much is possible here and unique works of art are created in no time. Our painted car is made of cardboard. But the water-based children's paint is also ideal for paper, wood, stretched frames or stone.

To turn the cardboard into a car, we cut out a windscreen at the front and attached four bottle caps as wheels. Let's start mixing colours, painting or stencilling - the more colourful, the better. It can easily happen that paint gets on the shirt and the fingers become colourful. But mum can completely relax. The MUCKI craft paint washes out of most textiles at 30 °C and above. It is easy to wash off your hands with lukewarm water and is paraben-free, gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan.

Playing with colours is so much fun. The MUCKI craft paint naturally complies with the currently valid European toy guidelines. But being creative with colours is much more than just a game. It stimulates the imagination. It's not so easy to realise your own ideas with a paintbrush. But with a little practice, it gets better and better - and trains the hand-eye coordination. This is how curious kids become little experts who can be really proud of their self-made vehicle.