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Colour of the month: maize yellow

10/12/2021 |

Just in time for October, the days are getting shorter. In the early morning hours, we are now greeted by a pale light that turns grey on rainy days. How nice, then, when our gaze falls on friendly colour tones. Like the mood-lifting maize yellow - our colour of the month for October. The shade is like a sun salutation and effortlessly outshines dreary moments. We like to let it lift our spirits. The hue can be discovered in so many places: on ripe corn cobs, lush autumn leaves or in flowering gardens. Maize yellow is a fantastic shade for capturing autumnal impressions.

In the colour wheel, yellow belongs to the primary colours. It cannot be mixed from other shades, but itself forms the basis for many interesting mixed shades. Maize yellow has a warm base tone that makes the shade darker and brings the colour closer to yellow-orange. Nevertheless, maize yellow is not an orange shade, but a strong yellow. The colour has a slightly earthy effect and is perfect for painting autumnal landscapes, still lifes with fruit arrangements or florals. If maize yellow is mixed with other colours, warm shades such as orange or Mediterranean green appear.

The colour maize yellow, for example, can be found in our SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic range. The artist acrylic paints in study quality offer artists a choice of 51 shades. Artists appreciate the liquid consistency and deep matting of the SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic: both are perfect prerequisites for working on large formats or using the glazing technique. The shade maize yellow is semi-opaque. On a white background it shines bright and friendly. When applied to a coloured background, it acts as a warm, brightening accent that allows the background to shine through.

Artwork that predominantly contains the shade maize yellow creates a cosy flair in the home. The warm yellow has the effect of sunlight falling on an autumn day. If you combine maize yellow with other warm tones such as red or earthy colours, this effect is intensified. Maize yellow forms an interesting contrast to neutral tones such as grey or anthracite. The yellow tone then becomes an eye-catcher and brings cosiness to cool, sober areas. It is beautiful how easily maize yellow can spread cheerfulness.