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Five questions to the KREUL Gemstone Glue

10/18/2021 |

Sparkling gemstones turn decorations and accessories into little treasures. With the KREUL Gemstone Glue, the chic decorations adhere to numerous surfaces. The solvent-free glue is a real all-rounder if you pay attention to a few details during DIY. We explain what these are in five questions that we are frequently asked about the KREUL Gemstone Glue.


The KREUL Gemstone Glue is an adhesive that adheres to numerous materials. Paper, cardboard, wood, polystyrene, plastic, terracotta, ceramics, stones or textiles are no problem for the KREUL Gemstone Glue. Creatives have many possibilities to create pretty eye-catchers. Hair clips, T-shirts, picture frames and even vases can be glued on. However, the surface where the gemstone and the substrate materials touch should be smooth. Curved surfaces such as planters can therefore only be covered with small gemstones. Finally, the stones should lie completely on the background.

With the KREUL Gemstone Glue, rhinestones, stones made of glass, plastic and much more will adhere. It is not so much the materials of the gemstones that is important, but their underside. This should be smooth so that there is plenty of adhesive surface. A bead that only touches a fabric at certain points adheres correspondingly less. Many gemstones are coated with a silver-like foil so that the incident light shimmers more strongly. Solvent-based adhesives such as some all-purpose adhesives can cause this layer tarnish or crack. This does not happen with the KREUL Gemstone Glue because it is solvent-free and water-based.

A beautiful lantern on the terrace, a chic flower vase on the balcony: objects that come outside from time to time can also be glued with gemstones. The KREUL Gemstone Glue is mainly weatherproof. Moisture does not change the adhesive strength, but cold is not ideal. Therefore, the decorated items should be brought indoors as soon as the temperatures get cooler.

We have designed the KREUL Gemstone Glue in such a way that glued-on gemstone embellishments remain intact when washed. Washing at 30 degrees in the washing machine is therefore possible. However, the friction in the washing machine could affect the embellishments. We therefore recommend washing the decorated textiles in a laundry bag. However, textiles with very large gemstones should better be washed by hand.

A particularly high adhesive effect is achieved when the gemstone is fully embedded in the KREUL Gemstone Glue. This is the case when a ring of glue forms around the gemstone. This way, the gemstone is perfectly enclosed by the KREUL Gemstone Glue. When dry, the slightly milky KREUL Gemstone Glue becomes transparent, which is why it is also well suited for gluing on glass surfaces.