KREUL Nature Koralle Rot

Colour of the month: KREUL Nature Coral

01/05/2021 |

Powerful and intensely luminous: the mixture of red and a touch of orange radiates joie de vivre. The colour tone is inspired by the exuberant liveliness and colourfulness of tropical reefs - a fascinating beauty in a fragile habitat. When nature is hibernating in January, the KREUL Nature Coral exudes pure energy and gets us through the day buoyantly. The cheerful red is exactly what we look for in the frosty season, which is why the KREUL Nature Coral is our colour of the month in January.


Not all red is the same. Nature offers a spectacular performance of many nuances.  Whether ripe fruits, a glowing sunset or the exotic underwater world - red always draws the eye and seduces the senses. In contrast to other red tones, the KREUL Nature Coral is a bright, warm red. A small balance of yellow ensures that the shade radiates heat and dynamism. The KREUL Nature Coral has temperament, yet is carefree and cheerful - just like life on the coral reef. It's amazing what nature can do with a little signal red.

Fiery red often looks gaudy and somewhat impetuous. We have therefore deliberately designed the KREUL Nature Coral to be more subdued. The warm shade shines and enlivens conspicuous corners - but in a very simple way. Due to its creamy consistency, the KREUL Nature Coral is easy to apply with a brush and lasts on many surfaces. The colour tone has a lasting effect on natural materials such as shells, stones or pressed leaves. This way, small finds from nature can wonderfully bring liveliness and warmth into the home. The KREUL Nature Coral is perfect for all rooms where people like to sit together, such as the kitchen or dining room.

The beauty of nature is not preserved as a matter of course. The reference in the name to a fragile habitat makes us aware of this. With the KREUL Nature series, we have therefore decided to preserve the treasures of nature. With the DIY paint, we purposefully conserve resources by avoiding the unnecessary, recycling and largely using natural raw materials. Thus, the formula of the KREUL Nature paints consists of 84% sustainable raw materials of natural origin. The cardboard packaging of the set is almost entirely made of recycled material and is produced in a climate-neutral way. The KREUL Nature is developed and produced in Germany where we can guarantee consistent quality and fair working conditions. Through professional know-how, a feeling for details and striving for change, we have succeeded in creating a paint that can make a contribution. We think a responsible future is colourful.