Acryl Kunst Alex Blaschke KREUL Künstlerportrait

Artist portrait: Alex Blaschke – Longing for the sea in acrylic paint

01/11/2021 |

Rough and yet gentle, sometimes as smooth as a glass, sometimes agitated: the sea has many sides. Alex Blaschke allows himself to be captivated by the various moods of the force of nature and captures them in his works of art. With the SOLO GOYA Triton and the SOLO GOYA Acrylic, he brushes waves onto the canvas, creates a foaming spray with the palette knife. The brushstroke and the simple colour composition in blue and grey shades reveal the longing for vastness and limit the view to essential elements. For the artist, the sea is the source of all life. His works show the vulnerable beauty of the ocean. Whoever gets involved, experiences a feeling of freedom. Where wind and waves reign, one suddenly becomes aware of one's own insignificance. We are thrilled by what Alex Blaschke creates with the SOLO GOYA Acrylic and introduce the artist here.

It is above all the blue tones that capture the play of wind and waves on canvas. The wide range of the SOLO GOYA blue shades suits Alex Blaschke very well. He has even discovered a new favourite colour for himself - the SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic Dark Blue, for him the epitome of the feeling of the sea. Nevertheless, his acrylic art lives from the composition of many shades of blue and grey. The artist mixes different shades of acrylic paint in the study quality and applies them gradually. Sometimes pure, sometimes diluted with water in a transparent glaze. Similarly, the paint is applied with a palette knife and creates structure. The changing tides and the stiff breeze demand variety in the painting technique. It is good to know that Alex Blaschke relies on the consistent quality of the SOLO GOYA Triton Acrylic and the SOLO GOYA Acrylic.

What drives Alex Blaschke is not only the strong emotion evoked by the sea. Rather, the artist wants to create awareness for an endangered habitat. With brush, canvas and paint, he himself makes a contribution to the protection of the sea. The artist donates ten percent of every painting sold to Sea Shepherd Germany, an organization that fights against seal hunting, whaling and pollution of the sea. For Alex Blaschke, the sea has countless facets, both good and not so good. The artist is moved by the uniqueness of the ocean and its destruction by humans.

Alex Blaschke doesn't have to go far to watch the spectacle of wind and waves. A coastal kid at heart moved from Leipzig to Carolinensiel and now has the sea almost on his doorstep. He grew up in Coppenbrügge near Hameln. After training as an event manager, he worked as a musician until 2018, but simultaneously always devoted himself to painting. He is now a full-time painter, illustrator and author. In the future, Alex Blaschke would like to give painting workshops in the North Sea resort of Carolinensiel-Harlesiel. There, participants can get to know different painting techniques and his love of the sea in person. He will donate part of the proceeds to the protection of the oceans. A fantastic undertaking. We wish Alex Blaschke every success!