KREUL Anlegemilch Marker vergolden

Shaking, pumping, gilding

01/18/2021 |

Reading your own name in gold letters - that is something very special. Gilded letters shimmer timelessly beautiful and spread a touch of luxury. With the KREUL Primer Marker, you can create little treasures on which incident light reflects spectacularly. Fantastic how drawing and lettering design can be combined with traditional craftsmanship. Gilding with the KREUL Primer Marker requires a little dexterity as the metal leaf is wafer-thin. Otherwise: shake, pump, draw lines - unique effects can be achieved with the pen-shaped primer.


The pen is filled with a special water-based adhesive that is needed for gilding. This ensures that the wafer-thin metal leaf sticks to the applied area. So, nothing can slip or flake off unintentionally. The KREUL Primer Marker is equipped with a wedge tip. Even delicate lines and elegant calligraphies can be created with it. How about a chic signature on stone or golden ornaments on glass? With the KREUL Primer Marker, metal leaf decorations are possible on numerous surfaces. Wood, paper, canvas, concrete, terracotta, glass or ceramics now have a noble gold look!

On special occasions, you need something out of the ordinary. Gilded names on stone are a stunning alternative to place cards. Or how about a glittering work of art on glass? Both options seem to require a lot of effort but are very easy to do. First, fill the tip of the KREUL Primer Marker with the special glue. This can be done by shaking and carefully pumping a few times. Then we draw the letters or the decoration on the surface and let everything dry for about 20 minutes.

Now it is time to put on the leaf metal and press it on carefully with a soft, dry brush. We remove the excess residue with a brush or a cloth. The gilded lettering and the shimmering lines become visible. We are completely carried away. Caution - do not touch yet! The gilding should dry at least 12 hours and then be polished with cotton wool. To protect it from corrosion, we also recommend painting the gilded decoration with the KREUL topcoat. For objects made of concrete, plaster, terracotta, clay or for outdoor use, we use the KREUL Zapon lacquer for this purpose. However, before overpainting, gilded objects should first dry thoroughly for several days.