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Our sustainable gift: many colourful trees

01/28/2021 |

This year everything will be better, right? At least on the KREUL company premises. We have planted trees in our car park. From now on, a hornbeam can stand here next to an apple thorn. It will take a while before the tender little trees provide shade, but they will soon offer a splendid spectacle of colour. Then spring will dive into a mixture of fresh green and romantic pink. In autumn, the trees turn golden yellow or bright red fruits ripen. It will be a colour spectacle like from the KREUL production.

The idea of planting trees developed early. To be more precise, in the end of 2019. Instead of sending our top customers a Christmas present, we gave away the promise of being greener. Each top customer received a card announcing that we would plant a tree in their name. On our factory premises, after all, not everyone has that much space. In autumn, the plants were put into the ground: since then, splendid little trees and a KREUL employee tree have been towering over our car park.

But as tree sponsors, the customers did not go away empty-handed. They received a certificate of sponsorship, handmade and specially with a leaf print of their little tree in the KREUL Nature paint. For the KREUL employees, a seasonally changing colour show, for the partner companies, simply a good feeling. It's nice to see what sustainable resolutions can achieve.

Sustainability is not just a trend for us but should find its way in the long term. That is why we try to replace ingredients in the KREUL paints with raw materials of natural origin and use recyclable packaging. If you make a lot of adjustments in the product development and production, you can make a difference. Making a contribution also means giving something back to nature and thinking with the future in mind. The trees we plant will grow, produce oxygen and provide shade in the years to come. Every year this progress will become more visible. That is beautiful and makes us proud.