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Simply magical how bright colours flow

02/02/2021 |

Every child knows that they need pencils to draw and a paintbrush to paint. But clever kids know even better: with the MUCKI Paper Pixie, both are possible! The bright colours on the paper can be wonderfully painted with water. This creates colourful blobs that become fantastic fantasy figures with the brush. The compact pencil set is a great gift for children aged 4 and over and practical for travelling. Of course, in proven MUCKI quality. So little artists can eagerly let the colours flow onto paper.


The set contains red, green, yellow, blue and black. Great for painting a cheerful picture in a good mood. First a sun, then a boat - not so easy, but with the MUCKI Paper Pixie watercolour pens it works great. The short, strong pen shape fits comfortably in the hand. Perfect for letting the pencil fly across the paper. It can be used for dotting, scribbling and large-scale colouring. It's good that the robust tip can take a lot.

The bold colours look simply fabulous on paper. While felt-tip pens are only for drawing, the fun really starts now with the MUCKI Paper Pixie. Simply apply a little water to the painting with the brush and spread it out, and the colours will dissolve and form blends. A red line next to a blue squiggle? Water turns it into a cool purple. The flowing colours easily conjure up clouds and the sea. The little artists are fascinated and busy for the time being.

When little artists eagerly put their ideas on paper, something can go wrong. A quick scribble of red over blue and the favourite shirt is decorated. But mum can take it easy because the bright colours come out of most textiles at 30 degrees in the washing machine. Of course, we have equipped the children's pencils with sensitive properties. They are dermatologically tested, vegan, paraben-, lactose- and gluten-free. With such soft colours, children can simply paint away.

Painting and drawing is not only possible on paper. We have developed three sets of children's pens that let little artists get creative. In addition to the MUCKI Paper Pixie for watercolour effects, there is the MUCKI Porcelain Pirate for doodles on crockery and the MUCKI Fancy Fabric for works of art on textiles. All the pen sets are designed to meet the needs of children aged 4 and over: handy, robust, safe and in bright colours. Great for giving away or as a gift tip for the next children's birthday party.