KREUL Pen Happy Effects 6er Set Verzieren Geschenk

Today we celebrate! DIY fun with the KREUL Effect Pens

02/10/2021 |

Strong neon pink meets sunny yellow, glitter green meets silver metallic shimmer: the KREUL Happy Effects 6-piece Set creates a firework of colours on the craft table. Perfect for making a colourful splash. Card design or decoration that is simply colourful is not enough for us. The KREUL Effect Pens can do more! Three-dimensional puffiness under heat, glowing under black light or sparkling fascination - the pens in this set are a real hit. We will use them to paint cool designs on accessories and decorate gifts with glitter bows. This will turn a craft afternoon into a DIY party!


The pens in the KREUL Happy Effects 6-piece Set will get you in the mood. They include the KREUL Pluster & Liner Pens in sunny yellow, ruby red and neon pink, the KREUL Glitter Pens in blue and green and the KREUL Metallic Pen in silver. With the intense colours, hearts, flowers and lucky charms can be painted in no time at all. Wow, how it shimmers and glitters - with the six pens, the good mood begins!

We jazz up paper crafts, picture frames and greeting cards. Sometimes with bright red squiggles, sometimes with green glittering flower garlands - little things become cool DIY gifts. We design the packaging at the same time and paint a glitter bow on the gift box. If it's already impressive, then go all the way around! There are almost no limits to the fun of decorating. The pens in the KREUL Happy Effects 6-piece Set are ideal for writing on, decorating and painting paper, wood, ceramics, stone, metal and glass. Even textiles made of cotton and mixed fabrics up to max. 20% synthetic fibre content can be embellished with cool designs.

It's cool that applying colour is so easy with the handy pen. With the fine tip, even complicated motifs are easy to create. But the highlight only begins afterwards: the decorations with the KREUL Pluster & Liner Pens can be spectacularly puffed up. After drying, this can be done quite quickly in the oven at 150 °C top and bottom heat, with the iron or with the hairdryer. When using the KREUL Glitter Pen or the KREUL Metallic Pen on textiles, we also recommend fixing them in a preheated oven after a drying time of 8 hours. This way, the glitter applications remain beautiful even after washing. And if you are not excited yet, you'll be amazed: the colour neon pink glows under black light! What a colour festival!