KREUL Magic Marble Hellblau Farbe des Monats Januar

Colour of the month: Light blue

01/20/2022 |

What can give us an instant boost? A clear blue sky, of course. We associate blue with wide expanses, the sea and holidays. It is a calming colour that relaxes us from everyday stresses . But we want more, and that's why we have developed a light colour shade to get that good mood to really kick in. Our colour of the month for January is light blue in its most intense blue-sky form. Let’s brave the grey of winter and let ourselves be carried away by a colour that gives us energy and joy.

Cool blue and a bit of white for an intense mix

The starting colour for light blue is the primary colour blue. As soon as white is added, a new level of lightness evolves, that is light blue. The effect this has is all to do with the original blue. If you mix white into a warm blue shade, then you get a light blue with a slightly purplish tinge. Our light blue has been mixed from a cool blue shade and tends very slightly towards green. For that reason, it may remind you of the colour cyan. Lots of light blues come across as airy and soft. But we have taken care to get a good balance between blue and white to create an intense light blue.

Marbling for a good-mood look

In the KREUL assortment, you'll find one or more light blue shades in almost all product lines. For January’s colour of the month, we have chosen KREUL Magic Marble marbling paint in light blue. You can use this brilliant colour to create effects that look like marbled patterns. They look wonderful on a postcard. The individual veins of colour are formed when you dip an item in the paint and water mix. Shake the KREUL Magic Marble marbling paint well, drip a few drops into a bucket filled with water and use a stick to make streaky patterns. Now slowly dip the postcard into the mix. The marbled pattern in a cheerful light blue emerges. You can find more tips and tricks



Always colour-intense and eye-catching

To marble with KREUL Magic Marble marbling paint, you need two colours. We have chosen plain white so as to accentuate the bright light blue. You can create exciting combinations with dark colours, too, like magenta or violet. Marbling with light blue and lemon gives a summery and fresh look. And you can get trend effects with our neon colours. Whether for an eye-catching accessory in your home or on a greetings card for a good friend, the intense light blue is perfect as a favourite colour in January.